Wife books Guildford Lie Detector Test after Husband’s Abusive Tirade

Following a huge row, when her husband called her all the names under the sun, our client took a Guildford lie detector test to help repair her marriage.

Claire and Norman’s Case

Norman was pretty sure his wife had married him for his money. Claire had come from a poor background and had never had much to give her two children. Before she met Norman she needed to work two jobs and the kids were always with their grandparents. Norman hadn’t cared though; she’d always been a good wife and looked after all of his needs. As a solicitor, he worked long hours and knew she used this time to go shopping or out with the girls. She was a beautiful woman and he was proud to have her on his arm on the few occasions they managed to go out together. He wanted her to enjoy his money and spoil herself, she deserved it.

Body language

Norman told Claire to go out and get a new dress for each work function he needed her to attend with him. She always got her hair and nails done and would look like a million dollars when she arrived with him. The firm’s annual dinner had been no different, she looked amazing. However, Norman couldn’t help but think her behaviour was odd at this particular function.

She’d always been friendly with Norman’s partner, James, and it had never bothered him but that night it did. James was touching her a lot, on the arm and the shoulder. She was leaning in as if they had some sort of secret they didn’t want anyone else to know. Norman had been a defence lawyer for 20 years and he knew the signs of guilt. And when she went out allegedly to go to the ladies, James followed fairly quickly afterwards.

The almighty argument

That night they’d argued like they’d never argued before. Norman had said some horrible things to his wife. He called her a whore, a gold digger and quite a lot of other things he regretted. Claire had scooped up the kids and gone to her mother’s.

He hadn’t communicated with her since. She wouldn’t take his calls or answer his messages until one day he received a letter in the post, at work, which he’d had to sign for.

Guildford lie detector test

Claire contacted us for a Guildford lie detector test. She’d been so upset at the things Norman had said to her she couldn’t understand where they had come from. She loved Norman. Okay, so he wasn’t the best looking of men but he’d cared for her when no one else would. He’d taken on her kids and treated them as his own. She’d been a good wife to him hadn’t she? A polygraph examination was the only way she could think of to prove her innocence.

Norman opened the letter containing the lie detector test results and couldn’t believe he’d been so stupid. Claire wasn’t cheating and never had. His own insecurities had pushed his loving wife to take a test. Later that day, James confirmed that Claire was planning a surprise 60th birthday party for him and that was what all the whispers had been about. Norman and Claire are working through their issues via marriage counselling. But Norman has a long way to go before Claire will ever be able to be comfortable again.

Greater London Polygraph Service

Many people can relate to Claire’s story where words are spoken that can never be taken back. But this lie detector test exposed Norman’s insecurities. He wrongly thought his wife had married him for his money, that he wasn’t good enough for her.  This led to jealousy which he’d never talked with Claire about.  Her lie detector test results have hopefully boosted his confidence but it would have been better if he’d just sat down with her and discussed his issue.

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