Who lies more – men or women?

Sep 10, 2018

A survey conducted by Virgin TV claims to have identified who lies more as far as men and women are concerned. 75 percent of British nationals confessed to telling lies to their partners but who does it most?

Infidelity – it’s apparently men with 1 in 10 stating they tell lies to their partners on a regular basis. 25 percent of those who participated in the survey said their lies related to cheating. The most common lies were telling their partners they weren’t cheating (when they were) and saying they were out with friends (when they were elsewhere).

3 in 2000 participants said that the lies told to their partners were serious ones.

Considering the above it’s hardly surprising that 25% of the UK population has trust issues in relation to their partners. This could be due to them experiencing dishonesty in previous relationships. 5 percent have no faith in their partners at all, which makes one wonder why they are still in relationships with them!

Common lies

  • The study revealed several common aspects of lying in relation to:
  • Alcohol consumption – lying about how many drinks consumed
  • Denying they had seen or received a text message or missed call
  • Stating they were listening or not in a bad mood, when neither was true
  • Telling a partner that they didn’t look fat whilst thinking they did
  • Saying they liked a partners friends or parents when they don’t
  • Denying they’ve been unfaithful
  • Faking orgasms

And the list goes on …………

Does it matter who lies more?

The data produced by the Virgin TV survey is interesting but really does it matter who lies more? Lying in any relationship is destructive and whilst some white lies may not cause much harm, the fact that a partner has lied tells us something important about their character. If they can lie about one thing, are they lying about many?

Trust and respect are earned and without trust there can be no respect. The problem with finding out someone has lied to you is that you may be able to forgive, but the likelihood is you will never forget.  Unless addressed the erosion of trust can, and often does, cause separation or divorce.

Pre relationship lie detector tests

Modern couples are using the services of polygraph examiners more frequently before committing to relationships.  This particularly applies when one or both partners have children. If you are going to make a life together, you want to know that your prospective partner is honest and has no history of child abuse, sexual or otherwise.

If you would like to discuss booking a private lie detector test before settling down with someone contact us today.  Our service is confidential and you can rely on our discretion.

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