What our UK Polygraph Examiners will be talking about on Christmas Day

We asked some of our UK Polygraph Examiners what they will be discussing over their Christmas Day lunch and here is what they had to say.

East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

Whenever I attend family gatherings they always ask me about my cases. Unfortunately for them I can’t divulge anything about my work. They were over the moon when I qualified as a forensic psychologist and often ask my opinion about things they have seen and heard.  I suspect one of those things is likely to be Covid-19 and what I think about it.

There has been so much confusion caused by the Government’s approach to dealing with this virus, any discussion about it could last weeks, let alone days. It seems strange to me that a virus which has a 99.8% recovery rate could have reached pandemic status. Even more confusing is why the Government posted on its website that it “no longer considers Covid-19 to be a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID)” in March 2020. The reasoning behind this was that one of the measures for an HCID is the amount of deaths the disease will cause.  In January 2020 very little was known about the virus but by March 2020 the Government had apparently learned enough to downgrade Covid-19 from its HCID status.

Given the media coverage, frequent ‘scientific’ updates and government lockdown measures the scaremongering has prevailed throughout.  It might have been better for the government to have told people that the mortality rate is low, very low. However, if we had been told, it would make nonsense of the restrictive measures that have caused so much hardship.

So I’m pretty sure, knowing the inquiring minds of my family, that Covid-19 will dominate our discussions over Christmas Day Lunch.  And of course the Queen’s Speech is likely to inspire further discussion and debate.

West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

I am going to clear my mind of anything work related.  However since some of my family are Americans I suspect I’ll be asked my opinion about alleged election fraud in the USA. From information I have gleaned there certainly appears to be some skulduggery but all of it seems to be “disputed”. Every post that draws attention to possible election fraud on Twitter states “This claim about election fraud is disputed”.  Twitter also posted words to the effect of election fraud is not a major issue in the United States. Yet just one woman in Texas was charged with 134 offences of election fraud.  That’s a lot of fraud for a single individual especially if it is multiplied by many more. YouTube is also taking down any content that relates to election fraud.

This should concern us all.  It effectively means that freedom of speech is being curtailed by a few Big Tech corporation billionaires. If they say election fraud hardly exists then it must be true and no one is allowed to say otherwise.

Other than that I hope to catch up on what my family and friends have been doing throughout the year.  I have been on the road for much of it and away from home frequently. I’m very much looking forward to a break.

London Polygraph Examiner

I’m spending Christmas Day at my elderly parents’ home.  In between work and Covid-19 restrictions we have hardly seen each other this year. We’ll be discussing how they feel mentally and physically having been locked down for the most part.

My father is likely to want to discuss some politics but it bores my mother so we’ll keep it to a minimum.  I know they will be concerned about the economy and the fact that my sister had to close her business.  As Conservative voters, they have been disappointed with the current Government I know. However, it’s difficult to imagine how much better or worse an alternative government would have fared.

We’ll all listen to the Queen’s Speech as we do every year and I am sure they’ll have a few words to say about that.

Otherwise we will eat, drink and make the best of the time we have together.

What will you and your family talk about over the Christmas lunch table?

UK Polygraph Examiners

Lie Detector Test UK will be closing for the Christmas and New Year holidays between 24 December 2020 and 4 January 2021.  You will still be able to book lie detector tests using our secure online booking system.  You’ll be able to choose from the available locations and the date that you’d like the test.

Keep an eye on the blog because we are working our way through your queries as quickly as we can. And if you send any in over the Christmas period we’ll answer them early in the New Year.

Our UK polygraph examiners have covered thousands of miles this year on home tests and already have thousands more to do in 2021.  They really will go to the ends of the earth to help you find the truth.