We recommend Home Lie Detector Tests until the Risk of Covid-19 is over

Jun 13, 2020

We recommend Home Lie Detector Tests until the Danger of Covid-19 is over

Most polygraph services have experienced a high level of enquiries during the lockdown, as indeed have we.  Some polygraph examiners continued to work all the way through. But we, at Lie Detector Test UK, decided to close down temporarily to protect our clients and our examiners. When we resumed working  3 weeks ago we took the decision to only conduct home lie detector tests.

The risk of visiting offices

Some polygraph services chose to have clients visit their offices.  We felt this was too much of a risk for clients. Making their way to our offices would involve them at some point having to mingle with other people.  Whilst Covid-19 remains a risk we decided that our examiners getting into their cars to visit clients was the best option.  It didn’t involve clients leaving their homes and our examiners, having all tested negative for the virus, were at the least risk.

We are also in a better position to obtain high quality PPE to conduct tests safely. With sterilised equipment before and after tests we put our clients’ safety first.

Currently we have reopened some of our offices and will be opening more over the coming weeks. However, for those clients who still feel uncomfortable about leaving their residences we continue to offer home lie detector tests. We have also reduced the cost of residential tests in an effort to keep clients as safe as possible. If there is the slightest risk of you catching Covid-19 we would rather not put you in the position of having to travel to us.

Infidelity lie detector tests

During the lockdown most of the home lie detector tests we have conducted relate to infidelity.  The strongest of relationships can break down when couples are with each other 24/7. Suspicions that existed before lockdown have caused arguments with couples sniping at each other continually.  Constant accusations led to one or both partners seeking infidelity lie detector tests.  In some cases the cheating partner had left the home in order to see their lover.  Rows ensued because suspicious partners not only believed they were cheating, but were also outraged that they were returning home with the potential to infect everyone in it.

Polygraph Associations and Regulation

We are aware that some unscrupulous individuals are administering polygraph examinations without relevant qualifications or accreditation.  They may purport to belong to any number of Polygraph Associations. However, the only one that matters is the APA (American Polygraph Association).  The APA sets the gold standard for the largely unregulated UK polygraph industry and internationally.  Other associations have been set up by private companies or examiners to regulate the behaviour of the examiners they employ or sub contract to.  Don’t be dazzled by impressive logos that have an official appearance.  They are not a sign of official regulation. Ask to see their APA credentials. If they are not accredited by the APA don’t let them into your home or go to their offices.

British Polygraph Society

Our own British Polygraph Society exists to ensure that our examiners undertake ongoing training, a condition of our APA membership.  It also provides advice and training for those wishing to begin a career in forensic psychology with a view to gaining polygraph examiners’ qualifications and APA accreditation.

In essence, our Society is to give assistance to polygraph examiners or those interested in our industry.  It is not a regulatory body of anything other than our own examiners or those we work with.  Naturally the British Polygraph Society has a Code of Ethics which mirrors those of the APA.

Lie Detector Test UK

Have you experienced problems with dishonesty or suspicions of infidelity during the lockdown period?  Call us on our confidential, free helpline to find out if a lie detector test can help you. Alternatively you can book a test securely online, using the reservation system on our website. You can rely on Lie Detector Test UK to establish the truth of any matter.

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