Should Wayne Rooney take a Polygraph Test for Infidelity or Alcohol Addiction?

Mar 18, 2023 | Polygraph Examiner

Wayne Rooney is never far away from tabloid headlines and not necessarily for his professional football skills.  They latest scandal involves him being photographed on a night out with team mates in Vancouver.

The Sun newspaper captured him in night clubs getting up close and personal with attractive women and then 7 hours later, getting into an elevator with a brunette at his hotel. His wife, Colleen, has allegedly issued an ultimatum that he must end his contract with Washington DC United immediately and return to Britain.

Circumstantial evidence

Invariably, the scandals that have enveloped Wayne Rooney’s marriage and career have been fuelled by alcohol.  Lie detector tests are the fastest way to uncover the truth in matters of infidelity and addiction. Invariably they lead to the repair or end of a marriage, and the subject coming to terms with their problem.

Looking at the The Sun’s article and photographs the evidence of any infidelity is purely circumstantial.  Journalists nowadays are well known for their abilities to add 2+2 and total it to 4. If his previous behaviour had been blemishless maybe this wouldn’t be a story.

The brunette he was seen with at the hotel could have been another of the hotel’s guests going back to her own room after a night out.  Night clubs tend to be crowded so it’s conceivable that Wayne Rooney would have been close to a number of people in them.  And let’s not forget the fans that make a point of getting up close and personal with professional footballers, married or otherwise.

Long suffering wife

If Colleen arranged for him to take a lie detector test for infidelity she would know exactly what went on. However, we would advise her to check him out for alcohol addiction too. As the mother of 4 children, she has been seen as the strong partner in her marriage.  Married for 11 years the couple have known each other since they were 16 years old.

They have so far managed to get over the scandals that have rocked their relationship but is there and underlying issue that needs to be addressed?  How many more indiscretions can the marriage take?

We invite Colleen Rooney to talk to us about getting her husband to sit a polygraph examination.  It may reveal far more than she might expect.

Lie detector test for infidelity or alcohol addiction

Are you suffering due to suspected infidelity or because your partner has an alcohol problem they won’t admit?  Call us on our free helpline – 0800 861 1058 to find out how polygraph services can help.  Naturally whatever we discuss will remain confidential.

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