Watford Polygraph test proves alcoholism

A Watford polygraph test was recently used to help Simon prove his staff member Garry guilty of developing an addiction to alcohol. Simon runs a local pub in Watford and became concerned over Garry during lockdown. Here is Simon’s case and the outcome of his polygraph test with Lie Detector Test UK.

The beginning

Simon kept Garry on furlough during the pandemic last year whilst the entertainment and leisure businesses received grant support. He had to close his pub during the lockdowns but decided to keep Garry and Belinda on his staff payroll. Belinda was his restaurant manager and Garry was his bar manager. He said he went to drop off regular supplies the pub received during lockdown to his regular customers and Garry and Belinda to help anyway he could.

Suspicion starts

Simon became concerned over Garry when he dropped off some extra vegetables for him during lockdown. He noticed his recycling bin was overflowing with spirit and beer bottles. Simon knew Garry was venerable being asthmatic and knew he wouldn’t have broken the rules by having a party. He asked Garry jokingly “Everything ok mate? The recycling bins having a party, isn’t it?!” but Garry just said he had been emptying out his alcohol cupboard and having a major clear out in the house whilst he had the spare time.

The phone calls

Three weeks later Simon received a call off Garry’s sister to say she was worried about him. She said that Garry had been MIA and not seemed himself. She didn’t live near Garry and had a baby so wondered if Simon could go round to check on him. Simon went over straight away and was greeted by a tired looking Garry. Garry said he hadn’t been feeling very well and would call his sister immediately to reassure her everything was ok. Simon couldn’t help but worry, so again he quickly checked the recycling bins. Once again, the bin was overflowing, this time with different vodka bottles.

Help is needed

Lockdown started to ease and the “Eat out to help out” incentive was launched by the government. Simon was happy to have the pub back open and to have Belinda back in the restaurant and Garry behind the bar. However, just three shifts in, Simon noticed Garry was sneaking drinks for himself from the bar. Simon had always allowed Belinda and Garry to have one drink each shift. Belinda would often have a wine on a Friday or Saturday towards the end of her shift, and Garry would sometimes have a pint behind the bar. Garry had swapped to a vodka coke, but Simon saw him topping up the vodka numerous times.


At the end of the shift, Garry started acting loudly and erratically. He ended up in a fight with one of the regular drinkers and Simon decided to send him home. The next day he called round and found Garry in his dressing gown, hungover. He told Garry he was worried about his drinking. However, Garry snapped at him and told him to leave. Later that day Simon rang Garry’s sister and spoke to her about his concerns. The sister advised Simon to book a lie detector test. She said their Aunty had developed a drug addiction two years ago and the family had intervened and taken her for a polygraph test.

The test

Simon rang our free helpline and got the advice he was looking for. He booked a test at our Watford office and got Garry to agree to taking the test. Garry’s test results showed he was lying. Breaking down in tears, Garry confessed how he hadn’t coped well with being at home and bored. He had turned to drink to pass away the time and agreed it had become a problem. Garry said he had been embarrassed to admit it to himself, and he didn’t want his job to be at risk either. Simon told Garry he would swap him to restaurant manager whilst he got the help he needed. Garry is now undergoing NHS treatment, including a local AA course and counselling. We wish Garry all the best on his road to recovery and glad we could help both him and Simon.

If you think a loved one has developed an alcohol addiction, then book your test online today. You can call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for advice and booking information.