Case Study | Warwickshire Lie Detector Test exposes Gold Digger Wife

Dec 3, 2020

Warwickshire Lie Detector Test exposes Gold Digger Wife

Our clients had come to the end of their tether with their father’s young wife. So they ordered a Warwickshire lie detector test to resolve some issues before Christmas.

Anthony and Pippa’s Case

It wasn’t until Pippa drew it to Anthony’s attention that he realised anything was wrong with their father Don’s relationship.  Neither of them had been particularly pleased when Don had got together with Francesca who was only 2 years older than Pippa at 32.  Don was in his early 60s. His children weren’t concerned about him replacing their mother who had died 15 years ago. They knew their mother wouldn’t want Don to spend the rest of his life alone.


However, Pippa who visited more frequently than Anthony noticed from the get go that Francesca was a shopaholic. Don was very wealthy having sold a successful business for several £millions when he retired.  Nevertheless, if Francesca carried on spending as she was his fortune would diminish rapidly, Pippa thought.

For the first year Pippa kept quiet but the following year, when Francesca bought the Ferrari, she spoke to Don about it. He said she should worry about her own affairs and not his. He even inferred she was jealous. Another couple of years passed and they’d moved into a very expensive property in Warwickshire. Why they needed something akin to a mansion was beyond Pippa’s comprehension. It also meant that it was difficult for her to visit so often from London.

On the occasions when she did travel to see her father, Francesca invariably was out shopping. When she returned she was always weighed down with dozens of bags mainly containing clothes, shoes and jewellery. She put a whole new meaning on the term “shop till you drop”. She always looked immaculate and Pippa could see there was some cosmetic surgery going on. The breast implants were the most obvious and her lips were getting larger by the minute.


When Pippa finally spoke to Anthony about it he drove down for a weekend and they both confronted their father.  Don said he knew Francesca was spending a lot but he’d got plenty of money so where was the harm?  They pointed out that if he wasn’t careful she would clean him out and move on to the next project.

Don wasn’t having any of it, saying that Francesca and he were very much in love. She would never leave him he said. Anthony became annoyed and told his father that there was no fool like an old fool.  You could cut the atmosphere with a knife for the remainder of the weekend.

Background check

When Anthony got back home he decided to hire a private investigator to look into Francesca’s background.

It transpired that she had been married twice before.  One of her husbands had died (not surprisingly considering he was 90) and the other had divorced her within 3 years of the marriage. Anthony contacted Gareth (husband number 2) and learned that Francesca had virtually cleared out his bank account before they married.  They had been living together and she had taken control of their finances. A week after they were married, he’d been contacted by the wedding planners who wanted to be paid.  They said the card details they held had been declined when they put in the final bill. Gareth had given them another of his cards and that too was declined.

When confronted Francesca said there must be some mistake and she would deal with it. The way she dealt with it was to leave him.  That was when he learned that she hadn’t paid any of the bills, including utilities. Cutting a long story short, he got special permission to divorce her within 3 years and he is still paying off debt.

Warwickshire lie detector test

Anthony and Pippa contacted us to order a Warwickshire lie detector test for Francesca.  Pippa told her that if she didn’t take it then Don would learn about her first marriage where she’d raked in over £250,000 in life insurance. He’d also be told about her second marriage to Gareth.

Protesting her undying love for Don, Francesca reluctantly agreed to take the polygraph test.  The most important question she was asked was if she had married Don for financial gain. She responded “no” but the polygraph found deception. Learning she had failed, she turned her charms on our examiner offering him money and other things to change the result. Naturally he declined.

Within the 24 hours it took for the Warwickshire lie detector test report to be compiled and peer reviewed, Francesca had packed up her jewellery and driven off in her Ferrari. She left a note for Don saying she would arrange for her other possessions to be collected.


Don is heartbroken that he was taken for a fool and is bracing himself for a messy divorce.  But at least he’ll be spending Christmas with two people who really love him – his children.

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