Warwick Lie Detector Test exposes Blackmailing Neighbour

When a trouble making neighbour caused problems in her relationship, our client took a Warwick lie detector test to resolve the issue.

Judith’s Case

During the pandemic Judith’s husband, Eric, was abroad on business. Due to travel restrictions, he was effectively stuck in Italy. It didn’t bother him greatly because he was able to work via the internet with Zoom meetings replacing face to face.

However, it meant that Judith was on her own and she missed Eric a great deal despite keeping in touch on WhatsApp. Over time she developed a bubble with her neighbours, Stuart and Louise. Sometimes she would go to their house for dinner and at others they would visit her.

The kiss

One evening, when the couple had arranged to be at Judith’s for dinner, only Stuart turned up. Louise had one of her many migraine headaches, Stuart said.

At the end of the evening, Judith plated up a dinner for Louise just in case she felt hungry when her husband returned home.

Throughout the pandemic Judith saw Stuart more than Louise, since Louise was a paramedic working erratic shifts. One weekend Louise was working long night shifts and sleeping during the day. Stuart arrived at Judith’s house carrying a bottle of wine, a selection of cheeses and some grapes on the Saturday afternoon. As they hadn’t seen much of each other during the week he thought she might appreciate some company. And it was fair to say she had been lonely.

That afternoon Stuart talked a lot about his marriage and how he hadn’t been happy for years. He complained that Louise always put her work before him and he couldn’t remember the last time they had made love. Judith responded that she was happy in her marriage even though Eric worked away a lot, but the pandemic had taken a heavy toll.

Some hours later Stuart got up to leave and as Judith opened the door for him, he leaned across and kissed her full on the lips. She had no idea why she returned the kiss but regretted doing so within 5 minutes of him leaving. In the following weeks she would regret it even more.


On the Sunday of that fateful weekend, Stuart arrived again with a bottle of wine. Not being someone who beats around the bush, Judith told him that she didn’t want to share the bottle and that the kiss meant nothing. She had got a little tipsy and it was a mistake. But he was having none of it.  When people were drunk they often showed their true feelings, he said.  Judith asked him to leave.

For weeks afterwards she received at least five messages a day from him, professing undying love.  He was prepared to leave Louise for her, he said. Judith has no desire to be the cause of marital rifts, including her own and she told him so. 

Husband comes home

Judith was overjoyed when Eric came home finally.  Over dinner that night, she told him about what had happened with Stuart and showed him the messages that he was bombarding her with. They included insinuations of blackmail such as “What if I told Eric what we got up to?”.

At first Eric was understanding.  His wife had been alone in the most difficult of circumstances and he forgave her. After all, it was only a kiss and she had made it clear that it was a mistake after she´d had too much to drink.

The following day, Stuart was out mowing his lawn when Eric had decided to go for a walk. Sticking his head over the fence, Stuart asked if he could have a word.  He said he had just made some coffee and invited Eric into his house.

As Eric sat down, he told Stuart that if he wanted to discuss the kiss between him and his wife, he already knew about it.  But Stuart told him that it had been much more than that. They had slept together several times while he was away and they were in love.

Eric asked if Louise knew about this alleged affair and Stuart responded that he hadn’t told her yet. When Eric said that he would, Stuart replied that her didn’t care. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Judith.

Warwick lie detector test

Eric went home and told Judith what Stuart had said. Naturally Judith denied that there had been an affair but the messages kept being sent to her phone. She was beginning to think of her neighbour as the male equivalent of the bunny boiler in Fatal Attraction.

It also started to affect her relationship with Eric.  Although he put a brave face on it, suspicion was developing.

To save her marriage and sanity, Judith booked a lie detector test in Warwick for herself. She didn’t tell Eric about it until she had taken the test.

Our West Midlands Polygraph Examiner conducted the infidelity test that she had requested and found no deception in any of her answers. The kiss had happened once, just as she described and there had been nothing more to it.

She presented the Warwick lie detector test results to her husband within 24 hours.


It was necessary to get a restraining order against Stuart as he would not stop messaging Judith and continued to assert to Eric, that they were in love. The couple haven’t told Louise but presume she knows because of the restraining order.