We received a query last week from someone who is in a relationship with a married man. Our Warrington Polygraph Examiner responded to it.

Q: Can your Warrington lie detector test service find out if my lover is being honest with me?

I hope you won’t judge me but I have been having an affair with a married man for over 10 years. When it began he told me that he and his wife lead separate lives and he was only staying with her because of the children.

His children have now all left home and I asked him if we could, for once, spend some time together over Christmas.  He says he can’t because the children are spending Christmas at his home.  I fully understand why he would want to spend Christmas Day with them but I thought perhaps we could do something special on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day.

Ever since we met he has told me he will leave his wife when the time is right.  I know that probably thousands of women have been in this position over the years but he says he loves me and I believe him.

I’m thinking about giving him a lie detector test in Warrington for Christmas as one of his gifts.  Would the test reveal his true intentions toward me? I feel he is hiding something from me.

A. W., Warrington

Response from Warrington Polygraph Examiner

As a professional polygraph examiner it is part of my job to be unbiased so please don’t be concerned about me judging you.

In terms of whether a lie detector test will help you, it depends on what you want to know.  For example, it won’t tell you if he really loves you because he might love you today but not tomorrow. He might also intend to leave his wife today but then change his mind tomorrow.

My suggestion would be to find out what his relationship is with his wife.  You say they have been leading separate lives, yet he can’t spend any time over Christmas with you.  That doesn’t have the ring of truth to it.

Things you might want to know include if they are indeed leading separate lives and whether or not they have a sexual relationship.  The answers to these questions might help you to evaluate how many more years of your life you are prepared to invest in the relationship.

Lie detector test in Warrington

It will surprise me greatly if your lover agrees to take a lie detector test.  However, if he does then it means he cares enough about the relationship to continue it.  He may want to continue as you are and a lie detector test may provide him with the way to tell you the truth.  This often happens when people can’t face voicing the truth.

You will then have to decide whether you can go on as you are, sharing him with his wife.  If you are ready to make that decision, should it arise, please call our free helpline on 07572 748364 if you’d like to discuss it. When calling let our friendly customer service staff know that the Warrington polygraph examiner has asked you to call.

Alternatively, if you’re confident that your lover will take a test you can book one online using our secure reservation system.

Polygraph examiner advice

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