Virtual Infidelity revealed by Lie Detector Test in Shrewsbury

Our client suspected her husband of infidelity, either emotionally or physically. She booked a lie detector test in Shrewsbury to find the truth.

Sasha’s case

Sasha was a good Muslim wife.  She stayed at home and attended to her husband Asim’s every need. When she fell in love with him and he proposed, she’d converted to Islam in order to marry him.

As a Western woman it had been difficult at first. Asim’s family required her to wear the niqab and although Asim didn’t, he said it was best to comply to keep his family happy. However, Asim didn’t like her going out alone and she was often accompanied by his mother or sister when she went to the shops. Going out with her non-Muslim friends was forbidden and even visiting her own parents was frowned upon. Considering that they lived a comfortable lifestyle due to the allowance her wealthy parents gave them, Sasha felt this was unfair.

She became accustomed to praying 5 times per day and visited the mosque frequently.

No children

In 5 years of marriage the couple hadn’t been blessed with children despite their highly active sex life. Asim’s siblings had all produced grandchildren for his parents and his mother was always asking when Sasha would become pregnant.

Asim was very close to his mother and on one occasion accused Sasha of taking contraceptives because his mother suspected it.  She had assured him she wasn’t and he accepted it. Suggesting they went for fertility tests prompted anger in Asim. She could go he said but there was nothing wrong with him.  His other siblings were all fertile so why wouldn’t he be?

Sasha went for tests and found that there was no reason why she shouldn’t become pregnant but she kept this to herself.

As time progressed, her lack of pregnancy began to cause friction. Asim wanted sons and she wasn’t providing them. He became more and more distant and spent less time at home.  When he was at home, he would retreat to his study and be up at all hours through the night working. At least he told Sasha he was working.

Naked encounter

Feeling her relationship was falling apart, Sasha felt terribly lonely and isolated.  One morning at 2am she decided to get out of bed and talk to Asim who had been in his study for hours.

She was surprised to find him naked in front of his computer.  He was shocked when she came in and shut his laptop so forcefully she thought it would break.  He told her that she kept the central heating so high in the house that he’d stripped off and that she should knock before coming into his study.  Asim was angry and told her it wasn’t a convenient time to talk.  Dutifully she went back to bed.

Lie detector test in Shrewsbury

The following day, Asim went to the mosque and Sasha decided to clean his study.  He had left his laptop open and curiosity got the better of her. It didn’t take her long to wish that it hadn’t.

She found videos of her husband masturbating and various naked photos of him which he’d obviously sent to women.  She also found videos of women doing pornographic things with both men and women.

Sasha had given up a lot for Asim and changed her whole way of life for him. What she wouldn’t do is put up with infidelity.

Sasha contacted us to order a lie detector test in Shrewsbury for her husband. She had no problem in getting Asim to keep the appointment after she told him she’d leave if he didn’t. She rightly suspected that he couldn’t lose the money she brought in.

The lie detector test results indicated that Asim had never been physically unfaithful to Sasha but he had been virtually.  He was addicted to pornography.


Asim blamed his addiction to pornography on Sasha.  She hadn’t given him children so it was her fault he said.  How the lack of kids and pornography could be related, she had no idea.  Discussing the situation with her parents, she has decided to move back in with them while she considers whether or not her marriage can be saved.

West Midlands lie detector tests

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