Upsurge in UK Domestic Abuse calls as Coronavirus Lockdown Continues

Apr 22, 2020

Upsurge in UK Domestic Abuse calls as Coronavirus Lockdown Continues

For many of us staying at home during the coronavirus lockdown may be inconvenient.  However for UK domestic abuse victims it’s terrifying to be confined in their homes with their abusers.

Charities are overwhelmed

Refuge, the biggest domestic abuse charity in the UK received an overwhelming 700 percent increase in calls in 24 hours last week. Due to restrictions on movement, charities and support services can no longer meet with victims.

Calls by abusers seeking help to curb their behaviour have also increased.

As one of the UK’s leading polygraph service providers, we too have experienced larger call volumes for advice about domestic violence.  Unfortunately we are unable to conduct lie detector tests while the lockdown remains.

Home Office campaign

In response to the disturbing problem, the Home Office has launched a campaign for communities to come together and support victims.  The campaign is being promoted on Twitter with #YouAreNotAlone.  The National Domestic Abuse Helpline is also available 24/7 on 0808 2000 247.

Some hotels have offered rooms to victims in need, but do expect the government to finance opening them up, together with any meals provided.

Quite often it is difficult for victims to communicate via phone or on video because abusive partners are around. Now it is almost impossible. However, we urge victims to use the telephone lines available to them or call 999.  It is not acceptable to be violently, emotionally or financially abused, and it is also illegal.

Lie detector tests for domestic abuse

Most of the work our polygraph examiners do with victims relates to them not being believed, even by their family and friends. Many domestic abusers present a charming disposition to all around them except, of course, behind closed doors. This façade makes friends and family reluctant to intervene because if the couple make up, those that help are often blamed. However, in many cases they simply don’t believe the victim. Lie detector test results establish the truth and allow victims to move forward with the support of those closest to them.

Abusers are often in denial.  A lie detector test is the fastest way for them to face reality and seek the help they need.

It is difficult to believe that UK domestic abuse is so prevalent in the 21st century but despite laws to protect victims, it is still a huge problem. We will recommence our work to combat it as soon as the lockdown rules are relaxed.  In the interim our polygraph examiners are still available for advice.  If you find it difficult to call, write to us and we will respond on our blog.  Naturally we will not reveal your location or identity.

UK Polygraph Services

With offices throughout the UK there are a wide variety of locations to choose from when you book a lie detector test online.  We are also able to visit your home to conduct the test provided it is a suitable environment.  A quiet room is required with no interruptions while the test is being administered.

For more information call free helpline or contact us via our webform.

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