It’s been a busy week for Lie Detector Test UK.  Particularly our polygraph examiners, in addition to their other work, have answered a number of questions you have sent in asking if  UK polygraph tests can help.

Since we began our “Ask a polygraph examiner” service we have been awe inspired by the volume of people seeking advice from all over the country. There has also been plenty in the news regarding lie detector tests and we have summarised some of the most interesting below:

Ask a polygraph examiner and new police policy for rape victims

29 April – A mother who was anxious that her son might be involved in criminal activity wrote to us asking if our Glasgow Polygraph Examiner thought a lie detector test would help her son. You can read her question and the answer to it by clicking here

On this day it was announced that rape victims, among others, will be requested to hand over their phones to police or risk no prosecution being brought.  As polygraph examiners who conduct several lie detector tests annually for survivors who fear not being believed we wonder if this course of action will put victims off reporting the crime.  Click here for the full story.

Accuracy of lie detector tests, launch of newspaper and invitation to Gavin Williamson MP

30 April – We are often asked about the accuracy of lie detector tests so our editor interviewed one of our London polygraph examiners to get the full picture.  Check out what he said here

O1 May – We launched our online newspaper Lie Detector Test UK Daily

02 May – Following Gavin Williamson MP being fired from his position of Defence Secretary, he swore on his children’s lives that he was not responsible for a leak involving the UK’s proposed G5 Network facility.  We invited him to take one of our UK polygraph tests at a location of his choice. He has, so far, not responded. Since the PM says there is to be no police investigation we feel a test might be the quickest way to clear his name.

We also ran a Twitter poll with 80% of participants believing that Gavin should take a lie detector test.

Dangerous dog, Julian Assange and Grandmother’s case study

03 May – Our polygraph examiner in Bradford answered a question regarding a dangerous dog.  In some cases tests can help resolve issues with animals but in this matter it wasn’t possible.

We shared a video Lee Camp comedy video in which he asserts we are being lied to about Julian Assange, who was recently evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy. You can watch it below:



04 May – A grandmother who suspected that the reason for her granddaughter being ‘let go’ from so many jobs was due to stealing.  She took action with a lie detector test in Cambridge during which it was discovered that the granddaughter had not stolen items for personal gain.  Find out what happened by clicking here

UK polygraph tests

Lie Detector Test UK conducts polygraph tests in all major towns and cities.  We keep our readers up to date on what is happening in the polygraph industry on a regular basis.  Keep an eye on our blog for more news highlights.