It’s been another busy week for our UK polygraph examiners. They’ve been answering your questions in order to help you make the decision to have a test or not.  We never charge for our opinions on the struggles you may be facing. It’s always good to seek advice before booking with us. Please read on for our last week in May news round up. You’ll find help and advice, case studies, opinion pieces and articles we have shared in the past week.

Family theft, inheritance scandals, drug and alcohol abuse, politicians in hot water over misconduct and more on the Jeremy Kyle show

27 May – A single mother of 3 asks our Glasgow polygraph examiner for help when the money saved for her father’s gravestone goes missing. Click here to read how we felt we could help her. Lie detector test daily is out for updates on the Jeremy Kyle debate, should it been taken off ait or not, go to our Facebook page to read more about this interesting debate

28 May – A lie detector test in Richmond exposes mistress for the gold digger she pretended not to be – read the whole sorry tale here.

29 May – BBC news reports Boris Johnson to appear in court over £350 million claim. We offer Anna Soubry a polygraph examination in Nottingham regatding Brexit. Contact us with any questions you think we should ask her?

More invitations sent to politicians to undertake lie detector tests, views on the regulation of home care workers and our polygraph service in Brussels.

31 May – We invite Boris Johnson to take a lie detector test in London to clear up certain statements made during the referendum in 2016, read on for more information. If you would like an invitation extended to any politician for a polygraph test, let us know who and why.

31 May – Providing lie detector tests at main airports in the UK for Expats living abroad.

1 June – Should care workers take lie detector tests in the UK as part of the application process, we think so? Read our article on the matter and we’d love to hear your views.

Questions for UK polygraph examiners

We invite our readers to submit any news regarding lie detector tests and our UK polygraph examiners will review them.  Also don’t forget to keep the questions coming.  If you haven’t received a reply from your query yet, don’t worry.  We are working through them as fast as we can.