Warning! UK Lie Detector Tests are not Essential Services during Coronavirus Lockdown

Apr 15, 2020

UK Lie Detector Tests are not Essential Services during Coronavirus Lockdown

We have been asked several times why we are not administering UK lie detector tests when some polygraph service providers are still offering them. Below is a clarification of the reasons that we temporarily suspended our private lie detector test services.

Moral and ethical reasons

Since the coronavirus lockdown it has been possible for us to conduct tests in our many offices throughout the UK. It isn’t possible for us to work from home. However, we made the decision not to run the risk of exposing clients or our polygraph examiners to the virus and temporarily suspended our services.  We feel it is both moral and ethical to suspend them until such time as it’s safe to reinstate them.

Legal advice

In addition, we have taken advice from the police.  We have been informed that unless we are working for law enforcement (which we often do) our private polygraph services are not deemed essential.  Whilst true that we can work in our offices, it means our clients would have to visit us for appointments.  If stopped by the police on their way to us, their visit would not be considered essential. Therefore they could be fined for not keeping to lockdown stipulations.

Equally, if we visit clients’ homes to conduct tests our polygraph examiners may be fined, if stopped, since lie detector tests are not considered essential services.

We don’t want you to be fined for breaching lockdown rules. Travelling on public transport or even walking to our offices may expose you to the coronavirus. We urge you to stay home to remain safe.

When will UK lie detector tests be available?

As soon as the government decides it is safe for us to administer polygraph examinations we will do so. We realise that some people will be disappointed and inconvenienced but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

If you would like further clarification or more information about our polygraph services please contact us online or via our Free Helpline (0800 368 8277).

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