Roses are red, violets are blue but does your Valentine really love you?  Married and committed couples wrestle with this question every year around 14 February and beyond.  While we associate Valentine’s Day with romance, chocolates and roses you might be surprised by other items that are purchased around this day.  For example, UK lie detector tests for infidelity skyrocket in sales nationwide.

Receipts and gifts

In the fortnight leading up to Valentine’s Day, partners find receipts for expensive gifts.  Sometimes they find these gifts hidden away.  They include, among many other items, valuable jewellery, weekend breaks away at luxurious hotels or spas and even flight tickets to exotic places. Credit card statements reveal a wealth of extravagance.


The main inspiration behind ordering UK lie detector tests for infidelity around and on Valentine’s Day is disappointment.  The partner announces shortly beforehand that they have to work away. How can they when they have purchased those flight tickets or that break away? As you sit romantically gazing into your partner’s eyes over that expensive restaurant table, the coffee has come and gone and the bill requested. Where is the sapphire necklace or gold bracelet you’ve seen the receipt for?

When you don’t receive it and the gift has been surprisingly expense, it’s clear someone is going to be impressed by it. Usually that someone is a lover.

Suspicion raises sales in covert surveillance

Hidden cameras, car tracking devices and private detective services all see an increase in sales courtesy of St Valentine.  And ultimately they invariably lead to lie detector tests for infidelity.

Relationships can, and often do, survive Valentine’s Day flings but if it’s more than that the chance of repairing a broken marriage is fairly remote. When real love is involved the sense of betrayal is almost impossible to overcome.

UK Lie detector tests for infidelity

A polygraph test will not tell you whether your partner truly loves someone else.  Love can be true or transitory.  So if we ask “Do you love X”, at the time of the test the subject may believe they do.  Next week all that might have changed.

However what the test will reveal is whether you partner is cheating, how many times and for how long.  That truth allows you to plan your future, with or without them.

If you’d like more information about our Valentine’s Day infidelity service, call our free helpline today on 07572 748364.  Our highly qualified and experienced polygraph examiners will listen to your concerns sympathetically and advise you whether a lie detector test will tell you what you need to know. Finding out the truth early is far better than sitting on it for months and allowing suspicion to erode any remnant of trust that remains. And, of course, your suspicions may be totally unfounded.