When her son was released from prison on licence our client didn’t see much improvement in his attitude.  Torquay lie detector test results helped her deliver some tough love.

Victoria’s Case

Victoria had been upset when her son Will had gone to jail but the more she thought about it, the more she realised it was the best thing for him.  Will had been sentenced to 3 years for burglary and with good behaviour should be out in half that time. He’d turned to crime when he developed a drug habit. No matter what measures Victoria had put in place he would keep going back to the same places and the same friends that helped him to lead that kind of life.

Cold turkey

Victoria knew he would have to go cold turkey in prison. She hoped the system would teach him a lesson and clean him up at the same time.

She urged him to take classes and get some grades. He could even learn a trade in the time he was there. Due to his issues, he’d never finished school and this was the right time for him to start knuckling down.

Victoria visited her son twice a month but she didn’t see much improvement in his attitude or behaviour. She’d ask if he was still doing drugs and he’d deny it. When the early release appointment was due, Will wrote to his mother to explain he’d been in a fight and the hearing had been put back by 6 months. Victoria chastised him for getting into trouble, so near to his release date and wondered if it was drugs. She had no proof but if he got out, she wasn’t waiting; she was going to book a Torquay lie detector test to make sure he was clean. If he wasn’t she’d tell his parole officer and he would have to serve his whole sentence.

Out on parole

When Will was finally released on parole Victoria had already booked the Torquay lie detector test for 3 weeks after him coming home. She wanted to give him an opportunity to prove he’d reformed. But deep down she knew that he hadn’t learned a thing and hadn’t stopped taking drugs. She could cope with her son being a convict. What she couldn’t put up with were the lies, stealing and constantly waiting for the police to arrive.

If he had shown any improvement she was happy to cancel the test and forfeit her deposit. During the 3 weeks after he was released Will had a bad attitude, really bad. He seemed to think he was above the law, convinced that tricks he’d learned in prison would ensure he never went back. Victoria felt he was worse than when he had been convicted.

Torquay lie detector test results

Given no choice Will took the polygraph test. If he’d refused Victoria said she would kick him out. When Victoria received the results by email they confirmed what she had already surmised. Will had never stopped taking drugs and had even managed to get some brought into the prison while he was there.

Much as it hurt Victoria to do it, she handed the results to Will’s probation officer.  This prompted further investigation into his activities and it was found that he’d violated at least two conditions of his licence. He was sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Will thought he was clever but Victoria was one step ahead of him.  She hopes that he will learn a lesson from the Torquay lie detector test since it will be waiting for him the next time he is released.

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