Things people get up to on Wednesdays

Most of us prefer to think we are not creatures of habit but we all are in one way or another. This “Hump Day” we are going to look at the habitual things people get up to on Wednesdays.

Most of us have certain duties we ‘religiously’ carry out on a particular day of the week. For instance, Sunday traditionally used to be for catching up with family over that lovely Sunday roast dinner. Unfortunately, this has become less prevalent with the new lockdown rules and fears of COVID-19.

We enjoy some days of the week far more than others (whoop it’s Friday or Saturday!). But each individual day stands alone from the rest of the week when it comes to our routines.

Let’s take a look at what people get up to on a Wednesday:

Ditch the diet

Ditching that agonising diet, it’s true more of us have our cheat day or give up the diet all together on a Wednesday.

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Get the laundry sorted

As we surge through the week we start to feel very productive. That transcends into the home as well as our working lives. Many of us get the washing done on a Wednesday. Who knew? We thought wash day was Sunday.

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Chilling out

Get your fluffies on and chill out with a good scary movie. Many of us celebrate “Hump Day” by curling up on the sofa with a good film or book. Wednesday is a great day for relaxing and getting ready for the weekend ahead.

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Hump Day humour

Post a funny “Hump Day” image or video on social media. This is in the hope we’ll help our fellow workers see the funny side of Wednesday. And cheer them up, even with two days left before they can finally kick back and party.

The lottery

It could be you!! Many people buy their lottery tickets on a Wednesday. The Powerball Jackpot, the Lotto, The Euromillions are all played on a Wednesday, go for it you never know.

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Book a lie detector test

Most importantly, many of you book your lie detector test on Hump Day for two main reasons. Wednesday is a good day to get your life in order. Even better, we offer a discount on all office tests booked on “Hump Day”. Instead of our usual cost of £495 incl. VAT, we offer all clients who book with us on a Wednesday a whopping £125 off. This is the same cost of a home based test. So if you book with us on a Wednesday you can have a home or an office test for just £395.00 incl. VAT. Please note: this is for bookings received on a Wednesday and not booked to take place on a Wednesday.

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One of the things people get up to on Wednesdays

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