The Way out of Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Jan 13, 2021

The Way out of Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Some people, women and men think that being called names is part and parcel of an argument, or normal within a relationship. Many live with these derogatory comments on a day to day basis. In the back of their minds they hope that things will get better. They think their partners don’t mean the things they say and it’s just another method to hurt them. People such as these don’t look at this as domestic violence but they are very wrong. Emotional and psychological abuse go hand in hand with physical abuse, with one often leading to the other. Most people suffer in silence, but this isn’t the way forward.

These people are strong, intelligent and beautiful but years of  maltreatment has left them with little to no confidence. Abusers use this tactic to make the victim more and more reliant on them. Victims are often left feeling they can’t survive without the other party, and this puts them in a near to impossible situation. When we think of domestic violence, it’s almost always a man beating a woman. We think of black eyes, bruises and such. Domestic violence is so much more than this.

Emotional and psychological abuse is a part of domestic violence with bullying, intimidation and relentless criticism being used to weaken a partner. Abusers will often try to isolate their victims from their friends and family, to be able to assert total control

Emotional and psychological abuse isn’t limited to but can include:

  • Telling someone they are mentally unbalanced or crazy (usually this is for people who are taking antidepressant/anxiety medication, potentially caused by the abuser in the first place). You are not mad, crazy, unbalanced or anything of the sort. You are in an impossible situation and one you should get out of. Be strong, you CAN do this!
  • Constantly accusing you of cheating or behaving in a manner you should be when you are in a relationship. This is usually because they have done something themselves, or they have had previously bad experiences they are trying to blame on you.
  • Making comments about your appearance, calling you overweight and telling you no one else would have you because of this. You are none of these things, you are beautiful and anyone would want someone just like you.

The victims of these terrible crimes invariably think they won’t be believed. Emotional and psychological abuse can be difficult to prove, but it isn’t impossible.

Lie Detector Test UK

At Lie Detector Test UK, we want to help you to find the strength to break these unhealthy ties. Maybe you are suffering from this kind of abuse and need to prove to your friends and family that it’s happening. Often your abuser will tell them it’s you doing these things and you want to prove it isn’t. Maybe you think someone is suffering this kind of abuse and want to get them to admit it to themselves.

We are offering you the chance to do just that. Throughout January, you can visit one of our controlled office locations for the same price as a home visit – just £395 inc VAT. This means you can come to a location, away from your home, and have a confidential test with one of our examiners. They are not there to judge or criticise the situation you have found yourself in, and you can be happy knowing you can prove what is happening to you in a secure environment.

Don’t suffer in silence. Use this opportunity to find the strength to move on with your life and get the answers you need. Call our confidential, free Customer Care line on 0800 368 8277, or make a booking online. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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