Criticism of a controversial book, published in August 2018, entitled “The Lost Boys of Bird Island” led to co-author, Chris Steyn, taking a lie detector test. The book exposes alleged historic paedophilia at the highest levels of government.

The Lost Boys of Bird Island

For those not familiar with the story, the authors Mark Minnie, a retired police officer and Chris Steyn who is a South African journalist recognised for her investigative skills, relates to a paedophile network.  Dating back to the 1980s their investigation uncovered alleged National Party governmental paedophile activity and corruption in apartheid South Africa.  They specifically focused on Magnus Malan, the then Defence Minister, John Wiley who was minister of environmental affairs and tourism, and a third official who was not named in the book since he is still alive. This official has identified himself since the book was published as Barend Jacobus du Plessis, former Education and Training minister of the erstwhile National Party.

Derek Watts, anchor for Carte Blanche (a television series dedicated to investigative journalism), interviewed Barend du Plessis in a recent report which you can see in the video below:

As you will have seen Barend du Plessis emphatically denies any involvement in paedophilia and says that he welcomes an investigation.  He told the reporter that he had only visited Bird Island, where young boys were allegedly taken to be abused, once and it was on an official visit. Perhaps it might be a good idea for him to take a lie detector test which may eliminate him from further investigation.

Lie detector test in Cape Town

Nevertheless, Chris Steyn stands by the book and she chose possibly the best polygraph examiner in the world to conduct her lie detector test. She sought to prove that the allegations detailed in the book were not contrived.

Raymond Nelson, former president of the APA (American Polygraph Association) and an existing elected member of the Association’s Board of Directors, administered Chris Steyn’s test.

Mr Nelson is a renowned expert in forensic psychophysiology, the science underlying modern polygraph technology. He has published in excess of 150 scientific reports, studies and articles and has trained polygraph examiners all over the world.

As an expert witness, Raymond Nelson has been called to testify in several court cases including military and administrative law courts. He has also testified in many arbitration hearings.

His expertise in psychotherapy and polygraph matters has earned him several prestigious awards.  These include:

Steyn’s polygraph examination took place this month and was facilitated by LieTech Polygraph and Forensic Services in Cape Town.

The questions posed to her focused on whether she had fabricated her sources mentioned in the Lost Boys of Bird Island or falsified any of the allegations alluded to in the book. She was also asked whether any of the victims were fictitious.  In all cases the result of her answers was that there were  “no significant reactions indicative of deception” according to Steyn.

An interview she gave regarding the Lost Boys of Bird Island can be seen in the video below:


Four people who figure highly in this story are now dead, 3 of whom are purported to have committed suicide. The most recent death was that of the other co-author of the book Mark Minnie who died shortly before The Boys of Bird Island was publish last year. The other two were John Wiley and David Allen (a close friend of John Wiley) who died in 1987 just weeks apart. All died from gunshot wounds to the head.  There has been much speculation as to whether these deaths were genuine suicides or perhaps something more sinister. Information about the deaths can be read here. Magnus Malan died at home, apparently naturally, in 2011.

We will be happy to pass on any information to relevant authorities that anyone may have about the alleged paedophile ring operating on Bird Island.