The Best Gift for Christmas is often the Truth

Christmas is fast approaching and uncertainty building as to whether you can spend this time with your family or not. There is no better opportunity to quash that mistrust in your relationship be that work, family or friendships! If dishonesty has negatively impacted on your life the best gift for Christmas is often the truth, whether you are giving or receiving it.

You may consider booking a lie detector test to prove historical things that have happened to you, or just want to prove your innocence about a particular incident. If so we at Lie Detector Test UK are here to help you.

Relationships in love, life and work can be more difficult over the festive period. So why not use this time to put all the worries to bed, and start afresh for the New Year.

Lie Detector Test UK offers a service like no other mediation supplier out there. We can help you lay to rest the issues that have been so bothersome for so long. Maybe you have been arguing constantly due to the lockdown. Or maybe you’ve always argued about the same thing for as long as you can remember. Being stuck in what seems to be a never ending rut often impacts negatively on your mental health.  The truth plays a massive part in maintaining a healthy mental state. Click here to see how we’ve helped so many wonderful people get back on the right track.

But why should you take a lie detector test when you’ve done nothing wrong?

Love Life

A person’s previous negative relationships can create fear that their partner will be unfaithful over and over. It isn’t your partner’s intention to keep accusing you, they can’t help it. It’s just that the previous issues they’ve faced have instilled insecurity deep within them, which is incredibly hard to break. Taking a lie detector test taken can prove you’ve been faithful to your partner and help your relationship toward the road to recovery.

It could also be for the partner who has forgiven you for an affair you’ve already admitted to, but is now deeply paranoid you’ve done it again. You know you haven’t and you wouldn’t, so why not take a lie detector test to prove it was only the once, and that you have been faithful ever since.

The best gift for Christmas is often the truth when it comes to affairs of the heart.


Lie detector tests help to mend family rifts, and Christmas is a time for family. Why not encourage the person, suspected to have stolen from or mistreated a family member, to taking a test. This may be to prove their innocence, or that they’ve changed and the things they’ve been accused of didn’t happen. What better Christmas present could there be,  than an envelope or email filled with reasons why this person should be allowed back into the family fold and given a second chance.


Throughout our lives we meet countless people. Many are acquaintances but others become true friends, people who we trust no matter what. You’re a lucky individual if you can count on more than one hand how many “true friends” you have. These individuals will be there for you in good times and in bad.

Sometimes, people have a tendency to be jealous of these friendships and will start rumours, all of which are normally untrue. However, gossip can cause rifts that are extremely hard to heal. Maybe you have been on the receiving end of these inaccuracies and you want to show your loyalty to the friend you are trying so hard not to lose. A lie detector test can help you prove you didn’t say the things you’re accused of, or post those messages on dreaded social media. Whatever your reason for taking a test, it is the quickest way to repair broken friendships.


In our working lives many things happen that are simply brushed under the carpet. You may have been bullied, sexually harassed or accused of stealing. Taking a lie detector test can ensure your employer knows what’s been happening.

As an employer, you can write a periodic lie detector test clause into your employment contracts to ensure the honesty of your staff. We have dealt with many companies who have done just that. They’ve managed to find the culprit and restore a trustworthy workforce. Being trusted in your job ensures both employee and employer remain happy and professional. Why not contact us and see if we can help you as an individual, or as a larger firm in need of some answers.

Christmas lie detector test

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving.  When a cloud of doubt and suspicion hangs over the festivities it ruins everyone’s enjoyment.   In these circumstances, the best gift for Christmas really is the truth.

Why not give the gift of truth and honesty this year and book a lie detector test with us? We are offering a discount of ÂŁ125 on all office based tests throughout the month of December to help you enjoy your Christmas and hopefully, bring some harmony back into your lives.

This means that the cost of all tests is just ÂŁ395.00 including VAT for both residential and controlled office locations. Contact us today on 07572 748364 or book online to see if we can help you.

We never consider your problems meaningless or unimportant. Everyone’s problem is an issue for them and for us. Our customer care team is here to fully support you all the way through the process. We’ll listen to your issues and answer your questions. Our business was created to help those in need and we would love to help you get on the road to a brighter future.