In the light of yesterday’s terrorist attack in Streatham High Road, Boris Johnson has said “fundamental changes” will be announced today relating to how terrorism in London and nationwide is dealt with.

Again the terrorist, Sudesh Amman, was known to police and under surveillance. Having stabbed two people he was shot dead by armed police officers. A third person was injured by flying glass following the shooting.

Who was Sudesh Amman

Amman was released from prison days before committing the attack, having only served 50 percent of the 3 year jail sentence he received for disseminating extremist propaganda. He’d tried to influence his girlfriend to murder her parents because they were not believers in the Islamic faith. This together with bomb making notes, links to ISIS literature found on his computer and Skype chats outlining his extremist beliefs led to his arrest, prosecution and subsequent incarceration.

In sentencing him to 3 years imprisonment Judge Mark Lucraft QC made the following comments:

  • “Your interest in Islamic extremism and Daesh appears to be more than just an immature fascination with the taboo and graphic violence”
  • “It seems to me on the material here that you are someone with sincerely held and concerning ideological beliefs which motivate you to collect and disseminate material of the type shown”
  • “In online chats you tell your girlfriend that you have declared a pledge to Islamic State and that you wish to purge society and carry out acid attacks”
  • “You speak about preparing a knife attack and the use of bombs and ask her if you can have a knife delivered to her address”
  • “You speak about ISIS being the best thing about Islam as well as whether you should be an ‘internet mujahidin’ or a ‘real one’.”

During sentencing Sudesh Amman was seen smiling. He had expressed a desire to die for his beliefs and yesterday that dream was realised.

Whilst not confirmed it appears Amman was released under early release legislation rather than by the Parole Board. The full BBC report can be accessed by clicking here.

Public outrage

This latest act of terrorism in London has sparked public outrage.  Callers in to radio talk shows have expressed considerable concern that yet again a known dangerous terrorist was released. Opinions range from wanting better rehabilitation services in prisons to suggesting tougher deterrents.  It’s clear that the status quo cannot continue.

Lie Detector Tests in London

The Government recently proposed new legislation including the use of lie detector tests to monitor terrorists released on probation.  It has been suggested several times by the public, since the Sudesh Amman attack, that polygraph tests should be administered before terrorists are released.

It makes logical sense for this to happen as a monitoring process throughout the jail term for people with extreme ideological beliefs.

As a polygraph services provider we administer lie detector tests in London and nationwide.  As a resource we are available to help.

Police surveillance is costly and time consuming.  It is impractical to assign already reduced police officers to monitor every terrorist that is released from prison. There is no doubt that rapid police response in Streatham prevented a much worse tragedy from occurring but the police can only work within the limitations of legislation.   There has to be a better way to keep the public safe.

What are your views on terrorism in London and elsewhere?

We’d like to hear from our readers what they feel is the solution to dealing with terrorists. It seems incredulous to us that a terrorist, wearing what appeared to be a suicide belt (later found to be fake), could be walking the streets of London under surveillance.

Should the government implement lie detector tests before terrorists are released on licence, after or both?

Should more focus be on rehabilitation or punishment that fits the crime?

Let us know your views.