Telford Lie Detector Test ends Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Following inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment from a manager, our client booked a Telford lie detector test to make the company take staff complaints seriously.

Sharon’s Case

Sharon loved her job. She was a buyer at one of the top department stores in the UK and it suited her. A self-confessed shopaholic couldn’t have wished for a better career. She’d been in the job over 10 years when she got a new manager. Matthew initially seemed like he was going to be asset to the company, but he was a little too flirtatious for Sharon’s liking. The girls on the floor were always complaining that he leered at them, invaded their personal space or touched them inappropriately. But their complaints didn’t get them anywhere. Matthew seemed very friendly with the boss and just said they were stirring to get him into trouble.

Wandering hands

Sharon had been at a board meeting the first time Matthew had behaved inappropriately toward her. He’d commented that she should wear lower cut tops to influence potential clients. Sharon shrugged this off but was very unsettled by it. She didn’t mind a bit of office banter and the odd innuendo here and there, but Matthew made her feel uncomfortable. It was just the way he seemed to undress her with his eyes whenever he saw her.

Things took a distressing turn for Sharon when they were alone one evening, doing a stock take. Matthew made a pass at her and when she rejected his advances he threatened her job. He told her she needed to be extra nice to him, if she wanted to progress any further in her career. He even offered her a raise if she was more “open” to the idea of an office romance.

Emergency phone call

Sharon made her excuses and went to the ladies, calling her husband to fake an emergency at home. Matthew made her nervous and she needed to get out of there. Jonathan was furious, but did what Sharon asked and picked her up 20 minutes later. On the way home, Sharon explained how many of the staff had complained about Matthew’s behaviour and that it had gotten them nowhere.

Jonathan suggested that she take a lie detector test in Telford to confirm what had happened that evening. They booked one as soon as they returned home. They were very careful about who they chose and had trawled through reviews on Trust Pilot before booking with us.

Telford lie detector test

Sharon managed to get an appointment for the following day. It was an evening appointment and our West Midlands polygraph examiner agreed to visit her at home. Fortunately, we’d had a deferred appointment and could accommodate Sharon’s urgency. She didn’t want to go back to work and feel uncomfortable, so she called in sick. This was something she hadn’t done in all the years she’d worked for the company. But she wanted to take the lie detector test, return to work and show her polygraph results to her Managing Director.

Sharon went back to work the following day and the polygraph results were in her work inbox when she arrived.  The test hadn’t finished until 8pm and the examiner had sent the results to her within a few hours.

Attending her usual board meeting, she asked if she could speak to her MD afterwards. He agreed and she showed him the results of the Telford lie detector test. They confirmed that the complaints she’d made about Matthew were true. Given her test results and the complaints from other staff members it was impossible for Matthew to argue his case in his disciplinary hearing. He was dismissed on the grounds of sexual harassment.

Sharon was promoted for her prompt reaction and her care for the other members of the staff. Her MD was impressed she had done something so outside of the box to prove what was happening with Matthew. Praising her confidence and determination, the company also reimbursed Sharon for the cost of her Telford lie detector test.

West Midlands Polygraph Service

If you are being sexually harassed by a superior at work it’s unlikely that a manager will take a lie detector test unless a company policy, including polygraph examinations in their employment contract, exists. But here is more than one way to prove it.  The victim can prove what they are saying is true by taking a test. It worked out well for Sharon.  If you are suffering any form of sexual harassment at work, call our confidential free helpline on 07572 748364. Alternatively complete our web form and a polygraph examiner will call you.  Our polygraph examiners are available throughout the West Midlands and nationwide.