Take a Polygraph Test in Portsmouth and alleviate your stress on Stress Awareness Day

Nov 3, 2021

Today, Wednesday 3 November 2021 is National Stress Awareness Day. A great opportunity for us all to focus on causes of stress in our lives. A  day perhaps take a polygraph test in Portsmouth.

Stress affects different people in different ways and not all stress is bad; in fact it can make us more alert, keep us motivated and help us to avoid danger. However, too much stress can make us ill and cause existing conditions to become worse. Telling lies and covering up the truth can be major causes of stress. As can being accused of doing something wrong such as having an affair. If you find yourself in situations like these, taking a polygraph (lie detector) test can help prove your innocence and reduce stress experienced as a result.  

Suspicious behaviour

Our Hampshire  Polygraph Examiner based at our Portsmouth office helped one of our clients who spent almost every waking minute trying to find out if her husband was having an affair.  The client was taking calls out of earshot. He was spending more than usual on the credit card. He was even cutting off phone calls rather than answering them in front of her. She started to get paranoid and began to search his pockets, scrutinise all his devices. She even followed him whenever he left the house. When she confronted him and asked him if he was cheating on her, he told her he wasn’t.

Clearing his name with a polygraph test in Portsmouth

The stress and anxiety of not believing him and being her own private investigator, led her to book a lie detector test for him. When the client arrived for the polygraph examination he was suffering a lot of stress too. He was fed up with being constantly accused of cheating. The client had never cheated and he hoped the Portsmouth polygraph test would prove his innocence. 

He told our examiner that his wife had begun to suspect him of cheating when he started to arrange a surprise birthday party for her which had required a high level of secrecy. It was a milestone birthday so he had planned a big bash in a fancy hotel for all their friends and family. Planning started early and went on for months. He never usually celebrated birthdays in a big way so it was the last thing she expected him to be arranging. She thought he was hiding liaisons from her, which he was but not in the way she suspected. 

The constant stress was starting to impact the physical health of the couple, with both of them experiencing typical symptoms such as high blood pressure, headaches, loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping. Action needed taking so so he agreed to the polygraph test. The results showed no deception and his wife was both apologetic and relieved.

Stress levels

Millions of people around the UK experience stress each day which can be damaging to our health and wellbeing. For example, at some point in the last year, 74% of us reported feeling so stressed that we have felt unable to cope (Mental Health Foundation). Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Stress is your body’s reaction to help deal with pressure or threats. However, once the pressure or threat has passed, your stress hormone levels usually return to normal. If you find yourself struggling to cope due to a stressful situation, a lie detector test can help reveal the truth and provide relief. 

Booking a polygraph test in Portsmouth

If you want to use National Stress Awareness Day as the motivation to reduce a stressful situation in your life with the help of a polygraph test in Portsmouth or at any of our UK controlled offices, you can book quickly and easily with our secure online booking system. If you would like to discuss your issue confidentially call a member of our customer care team. They will be happy to take your call on our free helpline.

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