Swindon Lie Detector Test exposes Twin Sister’s Treachery

When our client was accused of sleeping with his girlfriend’s twin sister, he took swift action. He booked a Swindon lie detector test to prove his innocence.

Paul’s Case

Jenny had been seeing Paul for 8 months and when her parents’ golden wedding anniversary came up, it seemed like the ideal opportunity for him to meet the family. Jenny’s parents were very well off and invited the family to come and stay over for a special celebratory dinner. They had wanted a lavish party with all their friends, family and neighbours invited. But with the coronavirus lockdown rules this just wasn’t possible. Jenny and her twin sister, Anna, were in their support bubble, so it made sense to have a quiet family dinner. They could have a party later in the year when it was safe to do so. Paul lived with Jenny and so he was also allowed to go.

No sex before marriage

Jenny’s parents were ‘old-school’. They didn’t believe in sex before marriage and this meant Paul had to sleep in a separate bedroom to Jenny. They’d laughed about it when they were shown to their rooms and Jenny said she’s sneak in to see him after everyone had gone to bed. The dinner was wonderful and Paul really hit it off with Jenny’s father. They’d both served in the Royal Navy and, since both had fought for their country, they had a mutual respect for each other. After a few too many drinks, Paul decided to go to bed and call it a night. The last thing he wanted to do was embarrass himself in front of his hosts.  A rough day at work and the 4 hour car journey to get there hadn’t helped.

He told Jenny to respect her parents’ wishes and stay in her own room. They had plenty of time to be together when they got home. Jenny wanted to stay up drinking with her sister, so agreed and said goodnight. Jenny and her sister had always been close. Anna had only just split up with her boyfriend and needed a shoulder to cry on.

Bed hopping

Paul was almost asleep when he felt his girlfriend slide into bed with him. He told her to go back to her own room, but she persuaded him she should stay. He’d had far too much to drink to even consider having sex and he felt very the worse for wear, but a little fooling around wouldn’t hurt. Paul had been with his girlfriend in bed for a couple of hours and then she left abruptly. Paul thought this was odd and on the drive home the next day asked her why. Jenny said she’d never been to his room that night and didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. She joked he must have dreamt it in his drunken stupor.

Sibling rivalry

Jenny had only been home a few hours when Anna called her. She claimed Paul had come into her room the previous night and made a pass at her. They ended up sleeping together and she felt terrible about it. Remembering what Paul had said to her, she flew off the handle. She accused Paul of seducing her sister and said she wanted nothing more to do with him. She packed a bag and went back to her parents.

Paul was upset. He loved Jenny and hoped one day they might even get married. He was also deeply concerned that this would irreparably damage his relationship with Jenny’s father. His own father was his rock and after speaking to him, they decided to book our Swindon lie detector test.

Lie detector test in Swindon

Paul knew he hadn’t lied and what was worse, another woman had got into his bed and he hadn’t realised it wasn’t Jenny. Anna and Jenny were identical but he had always managed to tell them apart, maybe the mix of alcohol and tiredness had played a part in this awful situation.

Our Swindon polygraph examiner conducted the test at Paul’s home. He instructed us to send the results of the test directly to Jenny’s email address. He hadn’t told her he was taking the test as she wouldn’t speak to him, so when she called the following day he was over the moon. Paul had taken a statement based test, so that he could be more specific about the events of the evening.

He confirmed he had gone to bed and that his girlfriend had joined him a few hours later. He detailed what they had done when in bed and how she had abruptly left. The Swindon lie detector test results proved Paul hadn’t gone to Anna’s bedroom and he hadn’t had sex with her. They also proved he hadn’t had any sexual contact with anyone else since Jenny and he had been together.

There had always been sibling rivalry between Jenny and Anna but the fact that her own sister had gotten into bed with her boyfriend and pretended to be her was just too much. The twins still speak but only when they have to. Jenny can’t trust her sister around Paul any more. Jenny and Paul are back together and Jenny’s parents know exactly what happened that night. They praised Paul’s courage to admit what happened.  And they are impressed he went to the trouble of taking a lie detector test in Swindon to prove his love for their daughter.

Greater London Polygraph Service

Paul booked a Swindon lie detector test because our nearest office location to his home was in Swindon.  However, he was delighted to learn that our polygraph examiner was prepared visit him in his home. We are currently conducting home tests throughout Greater London and the Home Counties to protect our clients.  If you don’t need to go out it’s best not to. All our examiners have tested negative for Covid-19 and carry the appropriate, high quality PPE with them.  The fact that Jenny had left Paul meant that there would be no interruptions during the test. This is essential for optimum results.

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