Swindon Lie Detector Test exposes Lesbian Lie

Jun 2, 2021

Swindon Lie Detector Test exposes Lesbian Lie

Our client accepted her husband´s desire to occasionally dress up in female clothes. But when she caught him in bed with another woman, she ordered a Swindon lie detector test.

Amy´s Case

Coming home from her nursing shift early one day, because she felt unwell, Amy found her husband in the kitchen wearing her clothes and make-up.

At first, he told her they had been invited to a fancy-dress party and he thought he’d go as a woman. However, he stuttered and stumbled over his words when she asked who had invited them. With some Covid restrictions still in place she found it hard to believe that anyone they knew would hold such a party at this time.

Eventually Martin confessed to being a secret transvestite. It was difficult for Amy to absorb but she did in the end. She didn’t like it but valued her marriage more. Despite several requests, she drew the line at going out with him dressed as a woman.

Caught in the act

A few months later, Amy turned up at work for her shift but got her calendar wrong.  She put it down to the stress she was living under. She thought she was working nights, but she was scheduled for mornings that week.

Returning home, at 10pm she expected to find Martin playing computer games.  He worked from home and the games helped him to relax. But there was no sign of him downstairs.  She went up to their bedroom and found him in bed with another woman. The shock of this scene was made worse by the red lingerie he was wearing.

Amy said nothing, went back downstairs, poured herself a brandy and waited.

I´m a lesbian

Martin ushered the woman out of the front door rapidly and sat down with Amy.  He said he was sorry but he hadn´t been entirely truthful with her.  He wasn´t a transvestite, he was a lesbian!

Amy lost her temper and asked him how exactly he could be a lesbian when he had a penis. And if he was a lesbian, was he not attracted to his wife? Martin said of course he was but she wouldn´t allow him to make love to her in his lingerie.

Amy was hurt.  She’d compromised on the dressing up but she wasn´t prepared to extend it to their bedroom.

Swindon lie detector test

It got to the stage where Amy didn´t believe a word Martin said.  He began going out more and she suspected he was seeing other women. They were sleeping in separate rooms and when they did discuss their problems it bordered on insanity as far as she was concerned.  He insisted that he was a lesbian and that he was meeting up with other lesbians to better understand himself.

In desperation Amy ordered a Swindon lie detector test for him.  We explained to her that if Martin believed he was a lesbian it was likely he would pass the test.  Amy said she didn´t think for one minute that he believed this. It was more likely that he was having sex with other women and saying he was a lesbian to try to minimise the infidelity in some way.

With carefully formulated questions, our polygraph examiner derived that Martin was being deceitful when he said he was a lesbian.  The truth of the matter was that Amy wouldn’t allow him to have sex with her dressed as a woman.  So, he had found women online that would. The lesbian thing was his way of “making her feel less hurt”, he said. “After all, nowadays you could identify as anything you wanted to, couldn’t you?” he asked.


Amy is filing for divorce, not because of who Martin might or might not identify as but due to the infidelity. Lesbian or not, it´s still cheating!

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