Swindon Lie Detector Test defines Partner’s Commitment

Lockdowns and everything associated with Covid 19 gave our client a lot more time to think about her relationship. She ordered a Swindon lie detector test to help establish her partner’s commitment.

Rachel’s Case

Rachel had been seeing Vic for over 5 years and the latter two, they lived together after Vic left his wife, Kim. The problem was that he was also having an affair with Coral and had been for 10 years out of the 16 he was married.

When he moved in with Kim, he swore the affair with Coral was over but they were still friends. Rachel was adult enough to understand that people didn’t have to be enemies when they split up but she was jealous of the other mistress.

During lockdown, Vic broke the rules to visit Coral saying that she lived alone and he owed her some of his time. Since he spent hours talking to her on Zoom and messaging her on WhatsApp Rachel wondered just how much time he felt she needed. But she bit her lip, not wanting to appear jealous.


Lockdown had given Rachel far too much time on her hands to think. She pondered over every aspect of her relationship with Vic.  He hadn’t filed for divorce from Kim and he still maintained a close friendship with Coral.

She began to doubt his commitment and the anxiety she felt was elevating. Her suspicions that he might leave her grew, even though he denied it every time she brought it up. Raising the issue began to cause arguments and Vic would storm out. On these occasions Rachel suspected he went to Coral`s.

Swindon lie detector test

When Rachel contacted us she told our Wiltshire Polygraph Examiner that she was wondering whether a “leopard could ever change its spots”. After all Vic had cheated on his wife with two women during his marriage. Would he cheat on her?

She wanted to know if Vic was still sleeping with Coral. In consultation with our examiner, we formulated the questions for an infidelity lie detector test in Swindon.

Rachel was surprised that Vic agreed without resistance to take the test.

In the pre-test interview, Vic told our examiner that he felt torn between all the women. His wife was an alcoholic and he felt duty bound to take care of her. Coral lived alone and had devoted 10 years of her life to him hoping one day they would be together. She was devastated when he had told her about Rachel. He loved Rachel but didn’t feel able to break his ties with the other women.


Vic passed the Swindon lie detector test for infidelity. He wasn’t sleeping with Coral or anyone else for that matter. He is now in counselling hoping to find a way to disentangle himself from his feelings of guilt toward the other women in his life. Rachel is relieved that he is not cheating on her and still determined to make a go of it.

Wiltshire Polygraph Services

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