False allegations of rape ruin lives. The men that are accused of these crimes sometimes haven’t done it. The woman is always believed at the onset of the inquiry and the implicated person has to struggle with keeping their reputation, other relationships and their lives in general. These accusations often lead to them being dismissed from their jobs and ousted by their community, friends and family. Our client’s life was made intolerable by false allegations of rape when he contacted us for a Swansea lie detector test.

Kevin’s Case

Kevin and Marion began seeing each other when they were young. At first the relationship was great. They both attended the same college and for a while, they were inseparable. It wasn’t until they got to university that Kevin started to feel uneasy.

Marion had become quite controlling. If he went out with his friends she’d call him on the hour, every hour. She’d ask when he was coming back to the student accommodation they shared. She’d look through his phone, so much so he needed to delete any female numbers in it to stop any arguments with her. She’d accuse him of cheating when he was in classes and she’d managed to alienate pretty much all of his friends. His brother called her a “bunny boiler” on several occasions when she made a scene at family gatherings.

The last straw was when he was having a conversation with his cousin Chloe. They were trying to organise a surprise party for his Mother’s 30th wedding anniversary when Marion screamed at him to “get off the phone to the whore he was speaking to.” Kevin told her it was his cousin but it was no use, she’d lost her temper and lashed out at him, giving him a black eye in the process. Kevin ended things that evening and moved out. Marion was bitter.

Gone but not forgotten

It took Kevin a while to trust another woman enough to let her into his life. Angela was a family friend and they started dating. It had been 15 months since his split with Marion and she hadn’t stopped texting or going round to his parent’s house looking for him. Kevin tried to keep his relationship a secret until Angela accused him of being ashamed of her. Kevin loved Angela and so took her out to his local pub to prove he wasn’t. Marion was there and cornered Angela in the girl’s restroom. She told her to be wary of Kevin as he was violent. She went onto explain he had visited her house the weekend before, sexually assaulted and then raped her.

No police report

The rumours spread like wildfire after this and although Angela honestly believed Kevin, she couldn’t handle the sniggering behind her back and the fact that her boyfriend had been labelled a rapist. She decided to break things off with Kevin and he was devastated. Marion hadn’t been to the police and when Angela asked her why she said she didn’t think she’d be believed as they used to date. She explained she just wanted to forget about it and move on. She’d only told Angela for her own safety.

When Kevin’s boss laid him off, saying he wasn’t good for customers in the bar in which he worked part time that Kevin decided to contact us for a Swansea lie detector test. His life was in ruins, his girlfriend had left him, none of his friends spoke to him anymore and now he’d lost his job.

Saving Face

Rather the worse for wear having downed a few pints in the local, Kevin tottered into his lecture late. He did have the courtesy to apologise to his professor before launching into a short speech.  He said that he was appalled by the way he had been treated by his peers. Then he invited Marion, who was attending the lecture to take a Swansea lie detector test regarding her false allegations of rape against him.

Marion had no choice but to agree. She couldn’t let people believe she had lied. That night she spent a full two hours searching the internet as to how she could beat a lie detector test. At the end of her ‘research’ she was confident she could fool it anyway, what did she have to worry about?

Swansea lie detector test

When the polygraph test was conducted in Swansea Marion failed miserably. It was at this point that she confessed to the examiner that she’d tried to cheat on the test. Naturally being a fully qualified forensic psychologist he had picked up that she was going to on the pre-test interview. Marion even had the audacity to ask whether her cheating had affected the test results.  Our examiner explained that many have tried and all have failed to beat his polygraph tests.  The effect was that he got the truth from her.

Even though the results provided Kevin with the tools to get his job back and even Angela, the damage to his reputation had been done and he felt he needed to move away. If Marion couldn’t have Kevin, she didn’t want anyone else to have him either. Kevin has rebuilt his life in another town but is now very careful about who he shares his life with.

Is your reputation in tatters?

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