Suspicions of Serial Infidelity lead to Stafford Lie Detector Test

Our client’s daughter was in constant denial about her husband’s infidelity. So Mum booked a Stafford lie detector test to help her daughter face the truth.

Gail and Vanessa’s Case

Darren had been having affairs since he first started his relationship with Vanessa. Her mother, Gail, was always telling her to leave him but with three small children she adopted the “better the devil you know” attitude for many years. Darren went out most weekends with the lads and left Vanessa at home looking after the kids. Sometimes he’d stay out all night.

There was never any real proof of his infidelity, so Vanessa just turned the other cheek and got on with it. Gail suggested booking a Stafford lie detector test.  She even offered to pay for it to help her daughter come to terms with it.

Enough is enough

Vanessa had lost count of the amount of women Darren had been accused of sleeping with during their 6 years together.  She’d even considered having an affair of her own when a new single dad brought his son to school. Owen was tall and handsome, his wife had cheated on him once and he’d left her and taken their son with him. Vanessa envied his strength and wished she had the courage to find the proof she needed.  They’d got chatting before the coronavirus lockdown was put in place and he asked her why she stayed with someone who treated her so badly. She couldn’t answer and that upset her.  Owen was always full of compliments and was a complete gentleman. Over coffee he asked her out on a date but she declined the offer.

Darren had promised he’d been faithful and all the rumours were untrue. For once she really thought he’d turned a corner, and just maybe all the stories were just to split them up. Darren had always said people were jealous of their relationship and would do anything to destroy his happiness. Vanessa felt she owed it to her children to give him one last chance to prove he was the family man he professed to be.

Cabin fever

Amidst all the uncertainty about her relationship, the pandemic hit and the family were locked down.  Darren needed to work from home and Vanessa hoped that some time with the family would show him what he risked throwing away. The problem was that Darren seemed to work all hours, not his normal 9 to 5. Vanessa wasn’t allowed to disturb him in the office and he was always agitated whenever she came into the room. He’d close his laptop and shift around in his seat like he had something to hide.

Password protected

Vanessa wanted to know what was going on, as she was confident it wasn’t just work. When Darren took a shower she opened the laptop and looked at his history, it had been deleted. She then tried to check his social media accounts but he’d changed the password, something he’d never done before. After his shower, Vanessa asked Darren why and he said he thought he’d been hacked. When she asked for his new password he changed the subject. It was at this point the penny dropped and Vanessa asked if he was seeing or chatting to other women.

He accused her of being a paranoid wreck and called her stupid. How could he be chatting to or seeing any other women when he couldn’t leave the house? His reaction made Vanessa believe he definitely had something to hide. Maybe he hadn’t been sleeping with other women but he could be arranging to as soon as it was possible.

Stafford lie detector test

Vanessa finally accepted her mother’s offer. Gail booked a home test with our Stafford polygraph examiner.  Having protested his innocence to Gail, Darren could hardly refuse to take the test.

During the pre-test interview Darren learned about the questions he would be asked during the polygraph examination.  They had been carefully formulated by our examiner to provide the answers   Vanessa needed.

She wanted to know if Darren was arranging to meet women for sex on social media when he was able to get out. She also asked if he’d slept with, kissed or had sexual contact with anyone else during their relationship.

Results and report

Darren failed the lie detector test on all questions he was asked. He insisted he was innocent but the facts were there for Vanessa in black and white.

Darren moved in with his mother who was far from impressed. He is still locked down but with someone who won’t let him get away with lying and cheating.

Vanessa contacted Owen and although she isn’t ready for a new relationship, she’s hopeful it may turn into something real. Owen is a family man and has morals and honesty on his side, something Darren was severely lacking. To Vanessa’s surprise, she wasn’t even that upset at the breakdown of her relationship. She just needed the truth to give her the push she needed.

Gail didn’t need to say “I told you so” to her daughter. The Stafford lie detector test did that for her.

West Midlands Polygraph Service

Our West Midlands Polygraph Service is currently available for home and office tests.  However, we don’t want you to put yourself at risk from the coronavirus when making your way to our office.  Hence we are offering  lie detector tests at £395 for clients whose homes match the environmental criteria required to achieve optimum results from a polygraph examination. Call our free helpline today on 07572 748364 , to find out if you qualify for a home test.