Suffolk Lie Detector Test for Infidelity exposes Malicious Friend

When one partner in a marriage works away from home, the other may become insecure dwelling on rumours of infidelity. Our client took a Suffolk lie detector test to save his marriage.

Dan’s Case

Dan had been married to Amy for over 12 years. He had just finished his latest tour and was looking forward to going home and seeing his family. He’d hoped his wife and son would be on the base when he returned. However, some months previously she’d said she was leaving the base to stay with her mother. Amy had said her mother was ill and she needed to take care of her. She also missed her friends and being on the base was making her depressed. Dan had reluctantly agreed with her and said he would get in touch as soon as he was home.

Infidelity rumours

When Dan got home he called Brenda, Amy’s mother, and she said her daughter had been living with her up until the previous week. She said that Amy had found a flat nearby and was staying in their town and wouldn’t be travelling with Dan anymore. Dan tried to get in touch with Amy but couldn’t reach her. He spoke to Brenda again and she told him Amy wanted nothing to do with him. His friend, Frank, had told Amy that Dan had been seeing someone else.

Frank had always had a thing for Amy and this was only the tip of the iceberg. He’d made these false allegations before and he’d even made passes at Amy when Dan was away. It had caused a never ending tirade of arguments between the two of them and Amy had clearly had enough. Brenda wouldn’t tell Dan where his wife was and he just didn’t know where to start.

Suffolk lie detector test

Over a few beers he was chatting to an old friend who suggested booking a Suffolk lie detector test. Dan thought this was a great idea. He could prove none of what Frank said was true, not just his latest agenda of hate.

Dan booked a test online and due to a cancellation he was able to see our examiner very quickly. He chose to visit our office in Suffolk because being in the RAF he didn’t want rumours circulating if our examiner arrived at his base.  Gossip of infidelity can have an adverse effect on the careers of military personnel.

In the pre-test interview Dan explained his concerns to our Suffolk polygraph examiner. He was reassured that his natural nervousness would not negatively impact on the polygraph examination results. And he was made aware of the questions our examiner had formulated that would provide the answers Amy would need.

Test and results

The test was over in 2 hours and our examiner told Dan that as far as he could see, he’d passed.  However he had to wait up to 24 hours for the fully analysed and peer reviewed report. The short wait seemed like an age to get his family back but it was worth it.  He wanted the full report before he approached his mother in law with it.

When the comprehensive test results report arrived, they confirmed that he was completely exonerated. There had been no infidelity on his part which of course, he knew. He took his Suffolk lie detector test results over to Brenda who agreed to pass them on to Amy.

Within hours Amy was on the phone, apologising for believing Frank and letting him into her life. She admitted going on a date with him the previous evening, but nothing had happened. Dan just wanted his family back and trusted her implicitly. The family are now back together and Dan agrees that Amy and his son should be near their family. Brenda knows Dan isn’t a cheat and will help keep Amy happy the next time Dan needs to go away.

Frank and Dan, on the other hand, haven’t spoken since the lie detector test that indirectly proved Frank was trying to steal his woman.

East Anglia Polygraph Service

Rumours about infidelity or other false allegations related to anything cause problems in many relationships. Our East Anglia Polygraph Service is available to help prove or disprove them.  Call our confidential free helpline on  07572 748364 to find out if a lie detector test can help you move forward with your life.