Our client was distraught when she contacted us to find out if our Stockport lie detector test examiner could help with an unusual problem. Her best friend had recently died and the executors of her will came to remove the deceased friend’s dog from our client’s care.

Carol’s Case

Carol’s friend, Louise, died following a massive heart attack. It was sudden and unexpected. Louise’s dog, Shep, needed to be taken care of and Carol who was her closest neighbour made sure Shep was fed, walked and loved.  Carol had often looked after Shep when Louise went on holiday and had known Shep (now 5 years old) since he was a puppy.

Carol and Louise had an agreement that if anything happened to one or the other, they would take care of each other’s pets.

Dubious friend

A month after Louise’s death one of the executors of her will contacted Carol and said they intended to take Shep away.  The intention was for a family member to look after him in London but if that didn’t work out then a friend of Louise’s had offered to take him.

Louise had set aside a large sum of money for Shep’s care and her wish was that he was found a good home either with family or friends who would love him.

Shep had lived all his life in the Devon countryside and Carol didn’t think living in a city would work out for him.  She asked the executor who the other friend of Louise’s was.  She was told it was someone called Aisha who lived in Stockport.  Carol pointed out that she had promised Louise she would make sure Shep was alright and was stunned that Aisha was being considered.  Apparently Aisha had told the executors that she’d has the same conversation with Louise as Carol had with regard to looking after each other’s dogs.

Aisha was a woman who had abandoned her own dogs in Spain when she moved back to the UK.  It struck Carol that Aisha’s only interest was in the money Louise had left for his care. Louise and Aisha had a huge row around 3 months before she died so Carol was utterly bewildered.  She was sure that Louise would have told her if she’d changed her mind about who was to look after Shep.

Carol didn’t want the money. She wanted Shep who would have a good home with her. He’d hardly met Aisha and was already pining for his mistress.  Put into an environment with someone he hardly knew in a home he had no association with would not be beneficial.

Stockport lie detector test

Carol asked the executors if they would have any objection to her paying for our Stockport lie detector test service.  Would they make it a condition of Aisha taking the dog? They agreed.

Aisha took the polygraph test and it transpired she had lied.  She had never had a conversation about Shep’s care with Louise.  Her interest was in the money and not in Shep’s wellbeing.

Shep is still with Louise’s family in London but Carol has a promise that if he is unhappy with them, he will be returned to Devon and Carol.

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