Stevenage Polygraph Examiner advises on Married Lover

Married lover queries come in all the time with a pattern that is usually the same. Our Stevenage Polygraph Examiner dealt with this one.

Q: Can your Stevenage polygraph examiner find out if my married lover intends to leave his wife?

I broke up with the love of my life 5 years ago, we both moved on and 2 years ago he was married. We grew up together and until he married he still lived in the same town. I had various relationships but I couldn’t make anything stick he was always “the one that got away” if you know what I mean.

His mother, Violet, and I still talk when we see each other in the supermarket but since the lockdown she’s been stuck at home. I’ve been checking on her and few months ago Gavin turned up whilst I was there. We got talking and one thing led to another and before I knew what was happening we were in bed together.

I know it’s wrong but he says he’s going to leave his wife because he still loves me. He says he always has. He now drops in to see me twice a week and we always end up in bed together. I’ve tried to raise the subject of when he will leave his wife but he’s always in a hurry to go straight after the sex.

I’m wondering if your Stevenage lie detector test service could help me find out if he actually intends to leave. I’m pretty confident my relationship with his mother would get him to take it. He’s told me he doesn’t want anyone to know about us just yet, and that includes his mother. I love him so much and would love us to give our relationship another go, but not if it’s at the expense of becoming a home wrecker.

R. J., Stevenage

Response from Stevenage Polygraph Examiner

Oh dear.  I fear my response is not going to offer you a great deal of hope.

From what you have described it sounds very much as though your married lover isn’t being wholly truthful with you. However, a lie detector test isn’t going to be helpful in obtaining the answers you want.

For example, if I ask him if he intends to leave his wife, on the day I ask the question he may intend to do so, but the day after he could change his mind.  Similarly, I could ask if he loves you but since love is a transitory emotion, he might love you today but not tomorrow.

The only way our Stevenage lie detector test service might be able to help is to ask questions about the current state of his relationship with his wife. Has he told you that they are sleeping in separate rooms and not having sex?  Has he suggested they are living separate lives under the same roof?  If he has, we can find out if he is telling the truth. We can also establish whether or not you are the only other woman in his life.

The likelihood of you being able to convince him to take a test is, in my view, pretty remote.  He is displaying all the classic signs of a married man having an affair.  He leaves you fairly quickly after sex and he doesn’t want you to tell anyone about your relationship.

Nevertheless, if you can get him to agree, I am more than happy to conduct the polygraph examination.

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