Stevenage Lie Detector Test booked for a Heart-breaking Reason

Our client booked a Stevenage Lie Detector Test when his wife became terminally ill.  He wanted to prove she was wrong about something she had believed for all her married life.

Cyril’s Case

Cyril and Maud had a ‘shotgun’ wedding.  He’d got her pregnant at 17 and although his parents had not been at all keen on the marriage, her parents insisted. Cyril’s family were landed gentry whereas Maud’s could barely make ends meet.

Cyril felt trapped but believed he should do the right thing and so they married.  Unfortunately, Maud miscarried 5 months into the pregnancy which upset her dreadfully.  Despite trying for more children, it was never to be.

Social problems

Working with his father on the family estate, Cyril worked long hours. The couple made their home in the lodge house and for much of their life together Maud was lonely. She felt that she didn’t fit in with Cyril’s family or friends, preferring to stay at home rather than embarrass him.  He had tried to persuade her to go with him to various functions but she always found an excuse not to go.  But she was a good wife and made sure his meals were ready when he got in from work.  His slippers would be warming by the fire and a whiskey placed on the occasional table next to his chair. Cyril wanted for nothing.

There had been arguments between Cyril and his parents who wanted him to divorce Maud.  After all they reasoned, she’d lost the baby so there was no need to remain married to her. She wasn’t a beauty, didn’t have basic dining skills and wasn’t particularly intelligent, they said. The more they criticised his wife, the more Cyril dug his heels in.  He never told Maud of these heated conversations. As time progressed Cyril realised that he truly loved Maud and couldn’t imagine his life without her.


As the years went by, Maud continued with her own life in the lodge.  They had been married 38 years when Cyril’s parents were tragically killed in a car accident.  Having inherited the farm and Manor House, Cyril felt it would be more practical for them to move out of the lodge and into his family home.  Maud didn’t want to; she liked the home she had.

So Cyril managed the estate and often stayed over in the Manor House if he worked late.  There was a cook he’d retained so his needs were met.   One afternoon he went to the Lodge for lunch.  Maud has called him to see if he was available and he made the time to be.

 Bad news

She’d been to the doctor and having had some tests at the hospital she’d been diagnosed with bowel cancer. It had got into her stomach and apart from chemotherapy which would prolong her life a little, there was no cure.  Cyril was devastated.  She had obviously been in pain and even went to the hospital for her tests on her own.  Why hadn’t she told him so that he could have helped he asked?  Maud said she knew he had his own life. She was grateful he’d stood by her but now, albeit late in life, he could be free.  She’d never been good enough for him and had been a disappointment by not giving him children.  For that she was sorry, she said. So soon, he would be able to be with his lover permanently.

Cyril had never been unfaithful to Maud and was horrified that she believed he had.  He told her this but he knew she didn’t believe him.

Stevenage lie detector test

Cyril booked a polygraph examination online with us.  He told us that his wife didn’t have long to live. And he wanted to prove to her in black and white that he had never, ever committed adultery.

Our Stevenage polygraph examiner went to the Manor House, at Cyril’s request, and administered an infidelity lie detector test. We emailed him the results within 24 hours.

Maud had decided not to have the chemotherapy treatment. She said she would prefer to live the remainder of her life as healthily as she could.  If she had chemotherapy the quality of her life would be worse, she said.  Sitting in the grounds, with a cream tea Cyril handed Maud his Stevenage lie detector test results.

Reading them reduced Maud to tears.  All their marriage she believed her husband was playing away.  And throughout all those years Cyril hadn’t paid enough attention to realise it.  Although they don’t have much time left together, they are devoted to one another at last.