Spy Museum opens in New York where you can take a Lie Detector Test

Aug 9, 2022

If you want your partner to take a lie detector test, a visit to Spyscape in New York is a must. You can also interact as a secret agent just like James Bond.

The new spy museum opened last month and already would be spies have tried to decode messages using British Alan Mathison Turing’s code breaking machine.  However, if you are mathematically challenged, you may have to spend several hours on the exercise! Or you might want to make your way across a room avoiding laser beams instead!

History and Interactive Technology

Spyscape is only partly a museum.  There is a wealth of interactive new technology there, designed and installed with the assistance of an ex-British intelligence officer.  It took 4 years to build and is very near to Central Park.

As you walk around you’ll find rooms dedicated to historic espionage eras.  One features a model of the “Bombe” (Turing’s code breaker machine). This equipment which was so crucial in the last world war when it helped cracked the German’s Enigma code.

Take a peek at top secret documents relating to double agents who divulged secrets to Russians over a 22 year period commencing in 1979.  Learn about American, Virginia Hall and her work with the French Resistance throughout WW2.

There is nothing boring about this museum and it will appeal to adults, teenagers and intelligent children.  Everyone can enjoy the challenges set by the interactive technology and discover how good they would be as spies. You can experience cyber warfare and learn about hacking too.

Best of all, if you believe someone with you is being untruthful the lie detector test will root out the fibs.

Need a Lie Detector Test Service?

Back in the real world, we appreciate that not everyone can hop on a plane to New York.  As truth seekers, we provide a lie detector service for anyone who needs to discover lies.

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