Our Spain Lie Detector Test Service was used for a very sad reason last week and the results of tests we conducted were very disappointing for our client.

Jane’s Case

Hazel and Alex decided one day that they’d had enough of life in the UK.  They had both worked hard and in their forties, their lives had been led at a very fast pace.  Having saved over £20,000, although they had a deposit for a small house, it would entail working very hard for many more years before they would ever be able to pay off a mortgage.  Instead, they found they could buy a really cheap house in Spain and after an inspection trip they found one.  It was in the heart of rural Spain, very large and needed renovation but it was only 13,000 euros.  It was habitable and they would be able to live in it whilst working on it bit by bit.  They bought it on the spot and Alex made 3 trips in a van they bought specially for the purpose to take their furniture over.

Hazel’s mother, Jane, lived about 40 minutes away from where they had purchased their house. They hadn’t consulted her and it was quite a surprise when they turned up on her doorstep as proud owners of their own home in Spain.

Financial worries

Jane was somewhat concerned that Alex was so confident about getting work.  Things had changed a lot since he was last there.  Work was difficult to find especially in rural Spain.  Nevertheless they were adamant that they were moving into their house and that was the end of the conversation.

Some months down the line, they were struggling to survive.  Alex admitted that he hadn’t done his homework with regard to current employment opportunities.  He had looked for work but not found any.  They had spent their capital and they didn’t have enough money for food, let alone to renovate their house.  Surviving by borrowing from friends and family they muddled through day by day.

One day it was suggested that Jane, who temporarily was renting accommodation pending getting the money for a house she had sold, move in with them.  She didn’t think it would work and said so.  Any objections she had were swiftly negated by Hazel and so Jane said she would think about it.  “What’s to think about?” Hazel said and Jane heard Alex in the background saying “She’s not coming”.

Mother to the rescue

After some thought, Jane decided that perhaps it might work and decided that her income would at least pay the bills and put food on the table.  It would at least give Hazel and Alex time to get on their feet again. Things worked well for the first month or so but between their animals, a cat and a dog, and Jane’s animals, two cats and a dog, life became a bit chaotic.  In addition, Hazel and Alex got drunk quite a lot.  Jane had given Hazel some work so that she had some money of her own but every time she was paid the money seemed to disappear.  When asked where it went, Hazel said they had run up bills which had to be paid off.  Some of the bills had been in local bars.

After Jane had been there a few weeks, Alex found work and was bringing in a reasonable amount of money every week.  Again that money never seemed to go very far and again they said they were paying off bills.  Hazel began to snap at Jane if she questioned where the money was going or if she mentioned their alcohol consumption. It seemed apparent that they weren’t moving forward despite Jane’s input.

The argument

One night, when Jane had been working almost all day and most of the evening (she worked online), Hazel decided to level some criticisms at Jane.  Hazel had been drinking and it ended up in a row since Jane considered the criticism unjustified.  By this time a very drunken Alex had arrived home from work and gone straight to bed.

Hazel went upstairs and Jane could hear that they were arguing.  It was apparent they were arguing about her and one loud sentence that she did pick up was “She can f*ck off”.

A very tired and stressed Jane went upstairs to her bedroom and packed an overnight bag.  She called out to Alex that he needn’t worry – she was leaving.  He said “Good, f*ck off and take your animals with you”.  It was around 1am by this time.

Hazel tried to stop her leaving but Jane wasn’t going to stay where she wasn’t welcome. She took her dog and said she would organise the cats later in the week. She then drove to a friend’s.

No apology was forthcoming and Jane felt she had been used.  They need her when they had no money but now that Alex had work, she could go.  Both Hazel and Alex had told lots of stories to other family members about what went wrong.

Spain Lie Detector Test Service

It infuriated Jane and she contacted everyone they had spoken to all of whom at various levels had helped them out with money when they were broke.  The work Alex had wasn’t permanent so when the job comes to an end, they will need help again.

All the people concerned agreed that unless they owned up to the truth of what they were spending their money on, they wouldn’t help them again.

Jane organised polygraph tests for them through our Spain Lie Detector Test service.  They flew into Gatwick last week and took the tests at our airport office and returned the same day.

The r results proved that the only reason they had asked Jane to live with them was because they needed her money.  Disturbingly, the Spain lie detector test service identified that Alex, who had been a drug addict in his youth, was back on drugs.  So that was where their money was going.

What will happen in the future is unclear.  No one is feeling very benevolent in terms of Jane’s treatment.  Jane has no plans to speak to her son in law until such time as he sincerely apologises and even then she says she doesn’t think she will ever forgive him.

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