Case Study | Southport Lie Detector Test helps Man struggling with Sexuality

A Southport lie detector test may not be the first thing you think about when struggling with your sexuality. However, our client booked one for his best friend to help him come to terms with it.

Aiden and Jake’s Case

Aiden and his best friend, Jake, were close. He was the first person he’d told he was gay and Jake had accepted it, even though he didn’t approve. He’d even said he thought he was just going through a “phase”.

It had taken Aiden over 3 years to tell his parents about his sexuality and he’d been surprised at their positive reaction. They’d been supportive and said as long as he was happy, that was all that mattered. Jake’s parents, on the other hand, weren’t happy with it at all.

A man’s man

On nights out, Jake would always go home with the prettiest girl in the room. He’d make a huge deal of showing her off but it would never end up being more than a one night stand. Aiden loved Jake and from a distance, wished he could be with him. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Jake worked out three times a week and it showed!

Aiden often joked they’d make a great couple and watch Jake screw his face up with disgust at the thought. It didn’t matter to Aiden; he loved him as a friend no matter what.

The Gay Village

Aiden had always wanted to go clubbing in Manchester and when his 30th birthday came around, he organised the trip. Jake seemed apprehensive at first but once he got there, he came out of his shell. He was flirting with what appeared to be a lot of different men and was having a great time. When they returned home, Jake became reserved again and didn’t discuss the trip at all. Aiden had seen this a million times and within his circle of friends, heard stories of how they acted before they admitted their sexuality.

The confrontation

Aiden knew he needed to speak to Jake and invited him over for dinner. After a few glasses of wine, Aiden was about to approach the subject but instead, they kissed.  Jake pulled away and left in a hurry and after that, Aiden couldn’t get hold of him for days. Aiden knew what he must be going through and that he needed to admit it to himself before he could be truly happy.

Southport lie detector test

Aiden contacted us for a Southport lie detector test and emailed Jake with the appointment. He never thought Jake would agree but he did. The test wasn’t designed to make Jake feel uncomfortable but instead to try to help him live the life he wanted to, whether that was with men, women or both as far as Aiden was concerned.

Aiden arranged for the results of the polygraph test to be sent directly to Jake but was surprised when the unopened email landed into his inbox, shortly followed by Jake at his front door. They opened the email together. He had been hiding his sexuality from his friend and was grateful to Aiden for being so assertive.

Coming out

Jake was worried about the reaction from his parents after how they’d treated Aiden and didn’t want to admit he was gay. Thankfully, due to the quick thinking of Aiden, Jake is finally able to discuss his feelings with his best friend and approach the subject with his parents when he’s ready. Due to the Southport lie detector test revealing Jake to himself, they are now regular visitors to Manchester and can be exactly who they want to be.

North West Polygraph Services

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