Our South East lie detector test examiner answered a query this week regarding domestic abuse.  Anyone who is suffering in silence may be interested in her response.

Q: Do you have a South East lie detector test for domestic abuse?

I’m emailing due to an issue I’m having with my sister, Frankie. She moved to Portsmouth some years ago and I feel she did this to save her marriage. She’s always gone for the wrong men but I’ve recently seen a change in the way she behaves.

Every day I see posters for victims of domestic abuse

They are pretty much on every billboard in the town where I live. But I don’t see the usual tell-tale signs like bruises or cuts on Frankie. She has always been a very attractive woman. She’s made the most of herself and has a really good job. I thought she was doing ok until I went to see her a few weeks ago. When I arrived she was sat in her pyjamas and her hair was a mess. I know that sounds silly but for Frankie it’s not. She seemed really withdrawn in herself and was constantly putting herself down.

I asked her to come out on my last night of the visit for a meal, just the two of us, but she didn’t want to go. She said something about Karl not liking her going out into town by herself and that if anyone saw her she may get accused of something she hadn’t done. I asked Karl about this and he said she was useless, didn’t bring enough money in from her job and he was sick of her doing nothing around the house.  That didn’t have the ring of truth about it. Frankie was always cleaning, in fact she panicked one day as we were chatting and she didn’t have time to get Karl’s dinner ready. I had to run out and get an emergency take away just so she’d calm down.

Emotional abuse

I’ve read that emotional abuse can cause this kind of behaviour and sometimes it can be worse than the physical side of things. I just want my sister to be happy and she certainly doesn’t seem it at the moment. She’s even lost weight and when I asked why, she said Karl has told her she’s gained a bit. Why would he say such a thing to the woman he’s supposed to love? I’ve asked her about this and she says Karl is only doing what is best for her.

I’ve spoken to our parents and they suggested getting a bit of advice. I’m pretty sure they meant the agony aunt kind or maybe asking her friends. She never sees her friends anymore and so I decided to contact you to see if a South East lie detector test for domestic abuse existed. I wonder if it could help me identify what the real problem is.

Her life was so much better before she moved away and now I’m worried she’s got herself into a situation she can’t get out of. If there is any advice you can offer that would be great. Also if a lie detector test could help, is there any aftercare service available?

Response from South East Lie Detector Test Examiner

In answer to your question, indeed we do operate in the South East of England.  We are available in most major towns and cities here.

Your sister certainly seems to be displaying symptoms of some form of domestic abuse but like many victims, she may be in denial.  You might imagine that she would open up to you as her sister but often victims can’t do this with people close to them.

Victims hide domestic abuse

Her reasons could be many. Perhaps she feels her relationship has failed and doesn’t want to admit it to you. Possibly she may feel that you won’t believe her.  She may not want to admit it to herself either. If she’s not ready, you may find it difficult to persuade her to keep an appointment.

However, if you offer her our South East Lie Detector Test she might see that as a lifeline.  Many victims find it more comfortable to open up to a stranger who is not going to judge them in any way.  I’m sure you wouldn’t judge her either, but she may not know that.  The likelihood is that when the report has been analysed and the results are available, she won’t mind you reading it.  Not having to say the words will cause her less pain.

Should this happen, you are then in a position to offer her support.  We can provide information about domestic abuse organisations in her area and counselling services.

If you’d like to chat about the situation do contact us.  Alternatively, you can book a test online via our website.  We wish you the very best of luck in helping your sister resolve her problem and look forward to meeting her.