Skegness lie detector tests expose Blackmailer

When his partner’s photography habits changed, our client booked some Skegness lie detector tests to find out what he was up to.

Malcolm’s Case

Frankie, Malcolm’s partner, had always been a keen photographer.  They had been together for over 5 years and it was never difficult buying a gift for Frankie. New lenses, cameras, camera accessories, film etc., were all gratefully received.  He had ambitions to become a professional photographer one day and Malcolm encouraged him every step of the way.

When they first got together, Malcolm had worried about the age difference.  Frankie was much younger than him but 5 years down the line, they were still happy and together.

However, lately Frankie had got together with some other photographers he knew and they’d hired a studio.  Split between several of them, the rent was affordable.  Initially Malcolm saw it as a perfectly normal thing to do until Frankie started spending more time there than he did at home.

Odd visitor

Despite spending so much time at the studio, Frankie never brought home any of his photos.  He’d always shown his work to Malcolm so it seemed strange that he wasn’t now.  When he asked why he wasn’t, Frankie said he was putting together a collection and would bring it home when he’d finished it.  Malcolm knew he was a perfectionist so didn’t worry too much about it.

One evening the doorbell rang and when Malcolm answered it a young lad who looked no more than 14 was on the doorstep.  He asked if Frankie was home and seemed disappointed when Malcolm said he wasn’t.  Since Frankie was due home in around 20 minutes he asked if the boy would like to come in and wait.  Introducing himself as Jay, the lad said he would.

Money owed

After an hour with no show from Frankie and several calls made to him with no response, Malcolm asked Jay if he could help.  Jay said he’d come to collect some money owed to him. When Malcolm asked how much, he said £200.  Surprised, Malcolm asked why it was owed and Jay said he’d done some work for Frankie.

Another hour passed and Malcolm was beginning to feel awkward.  Jay wouldn’t say what sort of work he’d done for Frankie.  He also seemed to be flirting with Malcolm.  Still unable to get hold of Frankie, he offered to pay Jay half the money which was all the cash he had in the house. Jay accepted this and said he would call back another day to collect the balance. It was with relief that Malcolm saw him out of the door.

Suspicious behaviour

Frankie finally arrived home in the early hours of the morning.  He said he’d been developing and hadn’t realised his phone battery had gone flat.

However when Malcolm mentioned the visit from Jay and the fact that he’d paid him £125, Frankie’s face drained of colour.  It was this that made Malcolm suspicious and he asked if there was anything Frankie would like to tell him.  Negative was the response.

Photographic work

The following evening, Jay turned up again and Frankie was nowhere to be seen as usual.  Jay said he’d called Frankie several times but hadn’t been able to contact him.  Malcolm again invited him in but this time said he would pay him the balance of the money if he told him what work he was doing for Frankie.  Jay said it was confidential but Malcolm managed to convince him that he and his partner shared everything.  He asked if Jay was working at the studio.  “Oh you know about that then?” Jay queried.  Malcolm said “Of course”.  And then Jay couldn’t stop talking.

Jay was modelling for Frankie and participating in “adult videos” he said. He was one of several boys who hadn’t been paid so he’d asked around to find out where Frankie lived.  Malcolm asked how old Jay was and he said he was 18.  He certainly looked much younger than that, Malcolm thought.

He was so upset he really didn’t want to know the details.  So he paid Jay and waited for Frankie to get home.


The first argument they’d ever had occurred when Frankie arrived home.  Frankie denied everything that Jay had said.  He explained that one of the photographers renting the studio knew the boy. He’d befriended Jay who said he had an interest in photography.  Jay was 15 and the photographer had turned down his advances.  Since then they had all been blackmailed.  The boy said he was going to go to the police and tell them they were making gay porn videos at the studio.

Stupidly they believed it would be better for them to pay him off because this sort of scandal could result in them losing their jobs. But as with all blackmailers he kept coming back for more.

Skegness lie detector tests

Malcolm suggested that all the photographers took Skegness lie detector tests.  Having done so, they should all go to the police with the polygraph results and get the matter sorted out. And that’s exactly what they did. All were found to be telling the truth much to Malcolm’s relief.

Jay was given a warning as no one wanted the publicity of a prosecution and court case.