Case Study | Sisters in Law unite with 3 Lie Detector Tests in Mansfield

Dec 18, 2020

Sisters in Law unite with 3 Lie Detector Tests in Mansfield

As Christmas preparations were being made three sisters-in-law decided to order Lie Detector Tests in Mansfield. They were determined to get their husbands’ mother to accept the truth.

Josephine’s Case

Family gatherings had always been a nightmare for Josephine.  Her father-in-law, Ray, was always making lewd remarks and touching her inappropriately.  He’d make sure no one was around when he did it.  Four years ago he had really overstepped the mark when he had shoved his hand down her blouse. She was in the kitchen washing up when he came up behind her. It was the last straw and she’d stormed into the lounge and told everyone what he had done.  Gerry denied it and suggested she was at ‘that time of the month’ and obviously not in her right mind.

It had ended with her and her husband, Gerry, leaving his parent’s house early and going home. The journey in the car had been silent and Gerry was clearly upset. When they got home, he asked her if perhaps she hadn’t misinterpreted what Ray had done.  Quite how he thought you could misinterpret a hand shoved down your blouse was a mystery.

Josephine hadn’t confided in Gerry all the times his father had touched and made disgusting suggestions to her, but she did that day.  It caused a huge family rift but gradually over time Gerry began visiting his parents again.  Josephine never went with him and had banned Ray from her home. Marlene, her mother-in-law, had stood by her husband so she never visited them either.

Sisters-in-Law unite

Josephine got on well with her sisters-in law, Caroline and Trudy.  They’d never mentioned the cause of the rift and seemed to carry on as though nothing had happened.

However, this year they arranged to have lunch and do their Christmas shopping together.  Turning up at Josephine’s house, they sat down and started to talk about where they were going to have Christmas Day lunch.  With Covid restrictions they couldn’t all be together.

Over lunch they confided to Josephine that she was not the only one who’d had to endure Ray’s lechery.  They knew they should have backed her up at the time and felt ashamed that they hadn’t. Considering what had happened after Josephine had accused Ray, they didn’t want the entire family split apart.  But both Caroline and Trudy had endured years of being sexually assaulted and felt this was the time for them all to unite.

Lie detector tests in Mansfield

The three women knew that they would never be able to get Ray to take a polygraph test. So they decided to order 3 lie detector tests in Mansfield for themselves. Their husbands were going fishing over the weekend and the tests were carried out on the same day at Josephine’s house.

All three tests showed no deception on the part of the sisters-in-law and the each had their reports the following day.

Christmas Day arrangements

It has been decided that the husbands will spend Christmas Day with their parents and the wives will spend it at Josephine’s house with their children.

The results from the lie detector tests in Mansfield have been wrapped in Christmas paper as gifts for each of their husbands.  It will be up to them when they open the polygraph reports at their parent’s home whether they reveal what is in them.

Josephine, Caroline and Trudy have promised to update our East Midlands polygraph examiner as to the outcome.

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