Single Issue test vs Multi Issue test

Jan 24, 2022

This is not a method of questioning as such – any of the techniques mentioned could use Single or Multi Issue questions so it is more a variation on a theme.

Looking at Multi Issue Testing first – this is when an examiner asks the subject questions on several different issues during one session. Now, a client might think this offers much greater value for money if there is more than one issue in question. After all, why pay for several sessions when you can cover all bases in one, right?

Wrong! Although it might seem like a better idea, Multi Issue testing does not give accurate results. The focus needs to be on one issue, and one issue alone. Introduce another issue and you are merely muddying the waters. The subject will likely be flustered and confused, and the accuracy is compromised. Without getting too technical, the results of a multi issue test are far more open to interpretation, and therefore not reliable.

The Single Issue Test, on the other hand, will ask about only ONE issue. This keeps the test, and results, clear and concise and much more reliable and accurate. We only offer Single Issue Testing, because we want to give you the most accurate results possible.

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