Shrewsbury Polygraph Examiner deals with Christmas Infidelity Query

We can never know what goes on behind closed doors but this query gives some insight into how infidelity adversely affects relationships, even if you forgive it. Our Shrewsbury Polygraph examiner dealt with it.

Q: Can a lie detector test tell if my wife is sleeping with her Christmas lunch guest?

My wife is a serial cheat. I’ve known this for many years and because I feel my life benefits more with her in it, I turn a blind eye.  She is fairly discreet about it and doesn’t have her liaisons close to home. Our friends and family know nothing about her antics and think we are a happily married couple.

However, every year she invites our neighbour for Christmas Day lunch and he accepts. John is a single man around 10 years my junior and 16 years younger than my wife. I have always found it odd that he should choose to spend Christmas Day with us, since he has family living close by.  He says he doesn’t get on with them all that well, yet I’ve often seen them visit him.

Last year I had rather more than usual to drink on Christmas Day and decided to go to bed for a lie down afterwards.  I woke up a couple of hours later and when I walked into the lounge found my wife and John in various stages of undress.  They said that the heating was turned up too high but I didn’t believe them. An argument ensued and John left.

When my wife told me she was inviting him again this year I told her I didn’t want him in our home. I asked if it was possible that we could have just one Christmas Day on our own. She says she feels sorry for John and insists he comes.

If I arranged a lie detector test for her will it prove whether she is sleeping with him or not? I’m used to her playing around but I won’t put up with it under my own roof.

R. G., Shrewsbury

Response from Shrewsbury Polygraph Examiner

It’s sad to hear about your wife’s infidelity and that you feel you have to put up with it. However, only you can decide what works for you. Have you considered counselling to establish why she needs to have so many affairs?  Presumably you are aware of the risk you run that one day she will take a lover who she will become emotionally attached to. And then she may decide to leave you.

A lie detector test will give you the answers you need but it will require that your wife agrees to take one.  Is she likely to agree considering you have put up with so much for so long?  We can give you some advice as to how to persuade her if necessary but there is no guarantee that she’ll consent.

More advice

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