The following question was submitted by Tanya to our Croydon examiner, after considering a lie detector test for her son. Harrison is Tanya’s 19-year-old son, and she is concerned that Harrison has been smoking cannabis. Here is her story of how suspicion drove her to contacting us, and our examiners response.

Why a lie detector test? 

Tanya tells us how Harrison was having issues at college. He had moved to a new college to start a course in plumbing. However, Harrison had confessed he was having trouble making new friends. Tanya said to give it time and to just remain polite and friendly with people. Much to her joy, Harrison asked if a friend could stay over the following week. Delighted things to seemed to be settling down for him, Tanya agreed.

Harrison came home the following Friday with Josh from college. Tanya cooked dinner and recalled how Josh seemed like a polite and funny character. She left the two lads to game upstairs as she cleaned up after dinner.

What is that smell?

Coming upstairs, shattered and ready for an early night, Tanya knocked to say goodnight to the boys. Upon entering Harrison’s room, she saw the boys quickly shuffling something under the computer desk, with Josh coughing. Assuming she had simply walked in on them snacking or watching a rude YouTube video, she shrugged it off and wished them goodnight.

She went back into the corridor, then noticed how there had been a strong and strange smell in Harrison’s room. Not sure what the smell was, she sprayed some room spray around hoping it was smelly teenagers, and went to bed.

Strange behaviour

As the weeks went on, Tanya noticed a change in Harrison. He seemed to be suffering from mood swings, and was becoming slightly paranoid. Tanya recalls how he would snap at simple questions about what time he would be home, or what he wanted for dinner. Unsure what was going on, Tanya rang her best friend Anita and confided in her.

Anita suggested that Harrison might be smoking cannabis. She explained how the strange smell that Tanya had smelt that night and some nights since sounded like it was cannabis. She also said it would account for Harrison’s mood.

Time for a lie detector test

That evening Tanya sat Harrison down to talk. She explained how she didn’t mind if he had been smoking drugs, but she’d rather know and help with any issues Harrison had. Harrison denied any allegations of smoking cannabis, and said she was worrying over nothing. Harrison said how his mood swings were simply stress from exams at college.

Unconvinced, Tanya decided to look through Harrisons room that weekend when he was staying at Joshs house. Searching through his coat pocket on the back of his door, she found a rolled-up cannabis cigarette, and kept it aside to confront Harrison again in the morning,

Harrison walked back through the door the next morning and was met by Tanya holding the cigarette in her hand. He immediately denied it was his, and that Josh smoked. He said he had been keeping it safe for him and forgot it was in his pocket. Tanya said she wasn’t convinced and wanted him to go to the GP with her to seek professional help and advice.

Harrison said he wouldn’t go to the GP but he would take a lie detector test. Tanya decided to submit her query after Harrison said this and so here is what our examiner had to say.

The response from our examiner

Whatever you feel Harrison is guilty of, having a lie detector test is always a good idea. When one party is suspicious of the other, it is hard to move forwards until there is some clarity on the issue. We advise to book a lie detector test, so that you can firstly see if Harrison is telling the truth. Because Harrison has given his permission, it would be much easier to sit a test before seeing/discussing any further actions that might be needed. Please book your test online, or if you wish to discuss your options further call our free helpline on 07572 748364. We really hope whatever you decide is best for you, you and Harrison can work together on resolving the issue.

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