When parents separate, children are invariably adversely affected. Sometimes they play one parent against the other as our client found.  Our Sheffield lie detector test service helped the family to move forward.

Nikki’s story

Nikki split up with her husband due to his womanising 3 years ago.  She’d known about his cheating for many years prior to the separation but had stayed with him for the children. Esme was 14 when he left and she’d been troubled ever since. Now 17, Esme seemed to constantly play one parent against the other. Whenever she returned from visiting her father she came back with an array of problems. When Nikki asked Oliver about them, they turned out to be a pack of lies. In fact, Esme would tell her father that her mother was hitting her or she’d been locked in her room. All these stories were similar to what she told Nikki her father had done to her when he dropped her off at home following his bi monthly visit with her.

Life lessons

They’d tried everything to get Esme to stop stirring, but she seemed to get enjoyment from them both arguing. She’d been grounded, her mobile phone and computer taken away and her allowance stopped but every time she saw her father the story would always be the same.

Oliver would call Nikki and accuse her of mistreating their daughter. Then Esme would accuse Oliver of the same mistreatment and the whole thing would start again. Nikki had finally had enough. They’d tried counselling but this hadn’t worked. The counsellor even called social services due to some of the things Esme had told her, as usual all of which were untrue.

Nikki knew something had been done. Esme had been a great child growing up but since the separation had been seeking attention. This wasn’t just from her parents but from friends and especially boys. Nikki was worried about her daughter. She could get pregnant or put herself in a dangerous situation.

Sheffield Lie Detector Test Service

Nikki had read about Sheffield lie detector test service on the internet and felt her daughter could do with wake up call. When she called for more information the customer care advisor listened sympathetically. Esme was over 16 years old so a polygraph examiner would be prepared to conduct a test.  The examiner would also be a specialist in dealing with teenagers.

Nikki booked the polygraph test and it wasn’t as expensive as she first thought. After the process had been explained she organised for the test to be conducted at home on the day Esme returned from her visit with her father.  Nikki didn’t tell Esme about the test until the usual conversation happened, whereby her father had hit her as she was playing her music too loudly. The examiner arrived and Esme was introduced. Nikki confirmed she needed to find out the truth before reporting her father to the authorities.

Esme was then left alone with the examiner in the study where the test took place. It took 2 hours and included a pre-test interview when the examiner got to know Esme and discuss the questions that would be asked of her.

A brighter future

Nikki knew, of course the result would reveal her daughter was lying and it did.

The shock of being confronted with someone who could prove she was lying caused Esme to behave better. She knew if she lied again her mother may make her take another test and the results would confirm her deception. Nikki felt bad about subjecting her daughter to the Sheffield lie detector test service but she knew that she had to stop the lying before it started to affect her future. Thankfully Nikki’s quick thinking gave Esme a chance to change her ways before heading out into the world. Esme realised that lying was pointless since her mother could order another test at any time.

Nikki and Oliver were able to sit down with Esme and reassure her that although they had separated, they both loved her dearly. It wasn’t necessary for Esme to get their attention by lying.

Nationwide polygraph examiners

If you think your teenager is lying and you want to get to the bottom of it our Sheffield Lie Detector Test Service is available to anyone who is over 16.  We also provide a wide range of polygraph services nationwide conducted by accredited, highly qualified examiners.

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