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Nov 18, 2019

Sheffield Lie Detector Test for Theft in the Family reveals Jewellery Thief

A treasured piece of jewellery went missing from a deceased grandmother’s home. Our client ordered our Sheffield lie detector test for theft in the family to discover who had stolen it.

Charlotte’s Case

Charlotte loved her grandmother, Betty. She’d been there through thick and thin, when her marriage split up, when her kids were born. She was even there when her cat died. Betty had never been a cat person but she knew how much Charlotte loved the cat and to see her upset was devastating. She had always been the favourite of the three grandchildren and was the most upset when Betty was diagnosed with cancer.

The cancer was aggressive and Betty decided not to have chemotherapy. She wanted to enjoy the best quality of life she could. Throwing up every 5 minutes wasn’t going to help her or her family deal with the inevitable. She passed peacefully at the hospice 4 months later.  Charlotte was inconsolable and didn’t want to attend the funeral, never mind the reading of the will. She didn’t care what she’d been left; she just wanted her grandmother back.

Reading of the will

The reading was a very emotional time for Charlotte but Betty had left them all an equal share of her estate. The only thing she’d been left which was worth more, was her grandmother’s old engagement ring. Charlotte had always admired it as a child. It was so sparkly and beautiful. Betty had let her wear it when she played dress up and to her it was priceless. She didn’t care if it was real or fake diamonds, it was her grandma’s and that was all that mattered.

The siblings all went to the house to clear out Betty’s things and Charlotte couldn’t find the ring anywhere. Her brother Billy had been in the house before but no one since. She didn’t know when the ring went missing. Charlotte was beside herself. She saw her siblings’ faces when she was left the ring. It did look expensive and when Charlotte went to the safe she found the authenticity certificate for it. The ring was worth over £40k and whoever had gone into the safe knew that. She asked anyone if they’d seen it and they said they hadn’t.

Speaking to her father about it, he suggested a polygraph test. The death was still so raw with them all but she wanted the ring. It wasn’t to sell it but to keep and look at whenever she missed Betty.

Sheffield lie detector test for theft in the family booked

When Charlotte called us to book our Sheffield lie detector test for theft in the family, we offered her a discount. She wanted to test both of her siblings. She had an idea that Billy had taken it but she needed to treat them all equally.

Both siblings were outraged at being asked to take tests but since their father suggested calling the police, they agreed. The polygraph results were available the following day and Billy had taken the ring. He had loved his grandmother but was struggling with a gambling addiction. He owed the money to a local loan shark and had put the ring down as collateral. Billy admitted to owing £50k and this was only slightly under what Charlotte had been left in monetary terms anyway. She agreed to pay the money to his debtor in order to get her ring back. But only if Billy sought treatment for his addiction, otherwise she would report him to the police. Naturally Billy agreed and we are told he is doing well.

Charlotte has the lie detector test in Sheffield to thank for getting Betty’s ring back. Although expensive she wears it with pride every day. The money was never important to Charlotte; the sentimental value was.

Polygraph services in Sheffield

If you need to discover the truth about any issue don’t hesitate to call us on our confidential, free helpline.  We have lie detector tests focusing on infidelity, theft in the family, workplace theft, gambling, drug and alcohol addiction to name just a few.  Our service is nationwide so if Sheffield is not convenient for you, there are plenty of UK cities and towns to choose from.  Our polygraph examiners are never far away.

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