Sexual Advances confirmed by Chichester Lie Detector Tests

Following the break-up of a friendship due to allegations of sexual advances by a married man two Chichester Lie Detector Tests were booked to resolve the matter.

Madelyn’s Case

Last month we received an enquiry from Madelyn whose friendship with Jemma was destroyed after an incident that took place at a socially distanced office party just before Christmas.

Madelyn’s boss, and also Jemma’s husband, made a pass at her which she rejected. She was horrified that Dave would do such a thing and wondered whether she should tell Jemma.  On balance, she put it down to too much alcohol and decided not to.

She didn’t hear from Jemma at all after Christmas which was unusual since they had been close friends since childhood.  Madelyn decided to call Jemma thinking perhaps her friend was ill. Far from being unwell she found her friend was furious with her.

During a very heated conversation it transpired that Dave had told Jemma that Madelyn had made a pass at him. You can read Madelyn’s enquiry and the response she received from our Chichester Polygraph Examiner by clicking here.

Chichester Lie Detector Tests

As a result of the free advice Madelyn received on our blog, Madelyn booked a home lie detector test in Chichester.  No deception was found when she told our examiner that she hadn’t made a pass at Dave. She emailed her polygraph results to Jemma.

This resulted in Jemma booking a home lie detector test for her husband. Dave initially refused to take the test but when Jemma said she was withdrawing conjugal rights until he did, he agreed. In consultation with Jemma our examiner formulated the questions Dave would be asked in his infidelity test.  Infidelity encompasses a number of things including kissing, sexual contact and sexual intercourse.

Predictably Dave’s test results showed deception in relation to his denial of making a pass at Madelyn.  However, Jemma was pleased to learn that he hadn’t been unfaithful to her throughout their marriage.


Jemma accepted that the pass Dave had made was due to alcohol consumption. But it didn’t let him off the hook when he’d lied to her about Madelyn.  He said that despite agreeing with Madelyn that Jemma would not be told about it, he knew they had a close friendship.  He believed Madelyn would tell her so he pre-empted it by putting the blame on her.

In a Zoom conference he apologised to Madelyn and promised it would never happen again.  He realised how much it had hurt her and as compensation agreed to get her the company car she’d been after for the past couple of years.

 London/Home Counties Polygraph Services

Being caught out in a lie doesn’t necessarily result in the end of a relationship.  Many couples forgive each other or seek relationship counselling when infidelity has been the issue.  If you have suspicions of infidelity or any other matter involving dishonesty, our London/Home Counties polygraph examiners may be able to help.  Contact us via our website or call our free helpline on 07572 748364.