September News Roundup Lie Detector Test UK

Sep 29, 2019

September has been another busy month for our lie detector test experts, the summer is ending but there appears to be no end to the problems and issues we’re all facing. We’ve been offering advice on some of your most taxing of situations and have managed to help some of you by getting those all-important answers to the questions you’ve asked.

We are here to provide the truth where uncertainty lies in all aspects of private and commercial matters. Truth is our business and we pride ourselves in approaching politicians and pillars of our communities where others wouldn’t dare. Amid all the uncertainty in Brexit and the lies we keep hearing, we’ve invited them to take lie detector tests and await their acceptance.

If you haven’t managed to check in on our case studies, insights into the news and our help and advice stories, please read on for a full round up of September.

Care home attack, Domestic violence, Jeremy Kyle and Theft within the family

1 September – We follow harrowing story in the Sun of a WW2 heroine who suffered a fractured skull and a broken neck in her care home.  We’ve long campaigned for lie detector tests in the pre-employment screening process to be implemented in the care industry. Read on to learn about this disturbing and unsettling issue here

3 September – Bolton resident contacted us for some advice on domestic violence, if you’re suffering at the hands of your partner, please read on

4 September – Jeremy Kyle guests treated like police suspects BBC News reports

5 September – Gloucester sister guilty of lying to her family in case study for dishonesty

Infidelity, forensic psychology, Operation Yellowhammer

9 September – Lie detector test proves brothers innocence when he was accused of foul play with his sibling’s girlfriend, check out the shocking reason for booking this test here

11 September – What is a forensic psychologist? Why not click here to see what it takes to become one of these skilled individuals.  All our polygraph examiners are forensic psychologists.

12 September – Is operation Yellowhammer fearmongering or the truth about what will happen after Brexit?

Taking advantage of Mum, Digital divide, Jon Venables and Workplace bullying

13 September – A mother’s love can only go so far, see what happened to a Birmingham son after she suspected him of taking advantage here

13 September – New Lie Detector study highlights the digital divide between the young and old, follow the story on

14 September – The Daily Star reports that chid murderer, Jon Venables will have to agree to face monthly lie detector tests to win his freedom from jail

14 September – Workplace bullying can be damaging to your business and the mental health of staff and colleagues, here’s how you and your business can help eradicate it

Baby P’s mother parole hearing, Operation Yellowhammer, Thief exposed

15 September – SICK AND TWISTED evil baby P’s mother could be free by Christmas, The Sun shocking report can be found here

15 September – Unravelling Operation Yellowhammer, could it, would it or might it?

16 September – Thief exposed in Southampton case study, was he a friend or foe

Despicable carer, Cheating sailor, Vanessa George released

18 September – we follow The Press and Journal’s story on a “foul mouthed” carer who called a patient in her care an “evil witch”

21 September – Plymouth lie detector test exposes a cheating sailor, whilst supposedly away on duty. What followed afterwards was outstanding even on this liars scale

18 September – Sky News reports on the UK’s worst paedophile, Vanessa George released after 10 years

Simon Cowell, Gina Miller, Drug abuse and Allegations of rape

20 September – Just for fun, Simon Cowell caught fibbing about his age. Who’d have thought?

22 September – We invite Gina Miller to take a lie detector test about Brexit, will she accept?

25 September – Our Case Study in Chelmsford identifies potentially life threatening drug abuse

26 September – Following our Twitter poll on whether you believe that Boris Johnson lied to the Queen 95 percent of you decided he didn’t.

28 September – We follow A List’s story detailing how Aaron Carter drags the FBI in Nick’s alleged rape of a 91 year old woman

We’re here to support you and offer a helping hand if you need us. Contact us, our advice is free and in most cases we are able to help. And if you have a story related to a personal experience of a lie detector test or news you think we should include in our next roundup, we would love to hear from you.


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