Scotland Yard launches Polygraph Examination Initiative to Combat Terror

During the most recent wave of attacks in 2017, some parts of the media repeatedly reported that there was evidence to suggest that there could have been more follow up on information received regarding the perpetrators at earlier stages before the incidents occurred and that the intelligence services did not respond accordingly. With so much inbound misinformation and many sources being unreliable due to previous criminal history and having provided unsubstantiated or misleading reports, you can begin to understand the size of the task at hand.

Prime Minister Theresa May requests review of counter terrorism informant framework

Lie detector testing is already widely used in the United States for criminal matters and as British intelligence services take stock of the 2017 attacks so far, there has been realisation that there is a need to improve the process. Metropolitan police’s commissioner will be overseeing the implementation into the current framework. It is believed to be at the request of Prime Minister Theresa May that the system be reviewed and a general consensus that polygraph testing would be an alternative and workable solution to validate relevant claims from those which waste resources and are born out of fear, paranoia or provided by informants looking to intentionally misinform.

Lie Detection is paramount to qualify information

If you consider the sheer volume of information gathered using modern technology and furthermore consider that each element of data has the potential to unlock a terrorist strategy and save lives then bringing informants who are making claims into the domain of polygraph testing would not only support the work done by our intelligence services but we believe it would deter false claimers from trying to mislead and waste resources and efforts which could be better directed otherwise. Most people will report anything suspicious and this should always be encouraged as the ground level awareness of the general public is paramount to preventing further atrocities.

Lie Detector Test are already used on Secret Service Agents in the U.S

Apart from in showbiz, the British public is largely in the dark regarding how Lie Detector testing is utilised in more serious matters involving highly sensitive information. In the United Sates for example, there is a rigorous polygraph testing process used in the screening process for all secret service agents and in terms of criminal interrogation there is numerous high profile cases which have been resolved using the resolution methodology.

Advancements in Technology Aiding Lie Detector Testing in Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence and retina scanning are just two examples of technology which are helping the traditional testing methods constantly improve thus improving accuracy to previously achievable levels. The relationship between man and machine in the instance of polygraph testing is flourishing as through algorithmic and machine learning technology the information provided by those examined can be processed at a faster and more efficient rate. The human element and experience of an examiner will always be required but as the tools become better the tests become stronger. Ultimately, an experienced examiner who has carried out countless tests will have a sharp instinct which we are some years away from surpassing with AI.