Our ‘Ask a polygraph examiner’ service received a query from a mother who was convinced her son had stolen money from the home.  But having written her question she knew the answer and decided to schedule a lie detector test in Derby.

Louise’s case

Louise was giving her daughter, Rachel, money to save for her first car.  Rachel did jobs around the house and depending on what they were got between £5 and £10 for each task. She had almost £700 saved up and her goal was to save another £300. She could get a reasonable ‘runaround’ for £1250. In addition to household chores, Rachel has a part time job at a local supermarket. Although this doesn’t pay too well, she’s in college full time and it’s the only job that fits around her studies.

Louise keeps the money in her room but one day called her mother. She was extremely upset. Having been paid for her supermarket job, she was putting it in her bedside drawer when she found over half of it missing.

She has been saving for two years now and all her money goes towards her car. She doesn’t go out with friends and has no social life at all. She says the car is the most important thing for her right now and Louise is proud that she is learning the value of money.

No other explanation

The only person Louise could think of who would need the money for anything was her son, Bradley. He is often out with friends and doesn’t yet have a job. Louise knew that he went to pubs and clubs. Occasionally she gives him money but doesn’t see how he can afford to keep going out. She asked him outright if he’d stolen his sister’s money. He said he hadn’t taken it but there was no other explanation for the missing cash. Bradley is 17 and has access to savings in a trust fund when he turns 18.

Lie Detector test

Louise decided to schedule a lie detector test in Derby for Bradley.  He was more than happy to take the test but was positively outraged that anyone could believe he would steal from his sister.

Our polygraph examiner in Derby spent over an hour in the pre-test interview getting to know Bradley.  He discussed the questions Bradley would be asked and then conducted the test.  The results showed that he hadn’t stolen the money but he knew who had. Bradley knew he would pass the test but hadn’t expected to be asked if he knew who the thief was.  In the pre-test interview our examiner noticed how uncomfortable he appeared when discussing this particular question.

Louise demanded to know the truth.  Who was it and how had they known where the money was kept?  More particularly, how had they got into the house?

It transpired that Bradley has got one of his mates to go up to his sister’s bedroom on the pretence that he needed to use the bathroom.  Bradley had kept Rachel occupied while the money was being taken.

Louise told him that she would take the money out of his trust fund savings and informed the other boy’s parents. Bradley is now grounded.

Schedule a lie detector test in Derby

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