Salisbury lie detector used to prove wife’s affair

A Salisbury lie detector recently found a wife guilty of having an affair. Paul wrote to us with concerns that his wife was having an affair with her personal trainer Tim. Here is Paul’s story and why he thought a lie detector was best for his case.

Where it all began

Paul recalls that after restrictions eased last autumn, he and his wife Emma decided to join the gym. He admitted the couple had been doing nothing with lockdown apart from working from home, eating and drinking. Determined to get back into a healthier lifestyle, the pair joined their local gym.

Emma took to taking classes, whilst Paul enjoyed the use of the swimming pool. Two weeks after joining, Emma told Paul she thought she would get a personal trainer. Paul said he would be happy to have a trainer too and that the pair should go together. However, Emma said she felt she wouldn’t focus as much if Paul joined her so she asked if she could go alone to her sessions. Thinking nothing unusual of this request, Paul agreed.

Something doesn’t feel right

Paul started to notice massive changes in Emma. Emma was losing weight and really enjoying the gym which Paul thought was great. But other changes started to happen, Emma started dressing a lot younger and changed her haircut. Paul also noticed Emma started to wear more revealing workout clothes, but he just assumed she had gained confidence. Paul was happy for his wife and supported the new style.

Emma started to go to coaching session 4 times a week. Paul told Emma how he was happy for her but wanted to spend more time together again. Emma apologised and said shed make more time for them, but she was enjoying the gym and how it made her feel after months of being in lockdown. Paul felt guilty, and told her not to worry and enjoy herself.

The message

Later that week, Paul noticed Emma’s phone flashing whilst she was brushing her teeth for bed. Glancing at her screen Paul read a message from “Coach” that read “Hope you aren’t working out without me ;)”. Paul was furious and immediately took the phone to show Emma, demanding she told him what he meant. Emma said he was just joking and that there was nothing to worry about. However, the feeling of suspicion grew inside Paul and he started to read articles online about infidelity.

I deserve the truth

Researching more and more about lie detector tests, Paul decided to ring our helpline and discuss his case. Later that day, Paul booked a lie detector test after discussing it with Emma. Emma was reluctant but understood Paul’s concern so agreed to take the test.

The results

Emma took her test in our Salisbury office and the results showed she failed. Paul came in to talk to her and after a few minutes of talking, Emma confessed she had been having an affair with her coach. Emma told Paul how she had met Tim when he was teaching one of the spinning classes. The pair had immediately hit it off and Tim offered Emma a good deal on personal training with him. The pair started an affair after not long after and Emma said how it had all been a whirlwind.

It was all a big mistake

Emma said the pandemic and lockdown had affected her and she wanted to try couples counselling as she felt she still loved Paul and was sorry for making a massive mistake. The pair are now going to counselling separately in Salisbury and together to see if they can work on their issues and trust after the truth came out. Paul thanks Lie Detector Test UK for their advice and sensitivity in handling his case.

If you are concerned that your partner is having an affair, why not book our lie detector test online today. You can also contact our free helpline on 07572 748364.