Rugby Lie Detector Tests resolve Infidelity Issues

As lockdown eases across the UK, many will emerge having done a lot of soul searching. Our clients booked two Rugby lie detector tests to resolve infidelity issues.

Ben and Anna’s Case

Both Ben and Anna worked from home throughout the entire lockdown. They had no children and no pets so apart from going out for their daily exercise they were together 24/7.

The first couple of months they enjoyed seeing more of each other, since usually they were out working so hard that hardly saw each other.  The treadmill of commuting, working, eating and sleeping left very little quality time. But with lockdown, things were infinitely more relaxed.

However, after a couple of months they began to irritate each other. Locked in a two bed flat they took one bedroom each to work on their laptops. But with paper thin walls each could hear the other on Zoom conferences and other calls.

They noticed that there was more laughter with their business associates and colleagues than they had between them.


Within 3 months they were accusing each other of flirting online and within 4 months of infidelity. Ben was the first to lose his temper.  How could he be cheating on Anna when he was home 95 percent of the time? Anna agreed that he probably wasn´t being unfaithful to her now but he seemed to be very pally with the women he worked with, one in particular. So, what was he doing before the lockdown? She added that infidelity was not only a physical issue, it could also be a state of mind.

Tired of the constant allegations of infidelity, Ben retaliated in kind.  He began accusing Anna of playing away too.

6 months down the line, the atmosphere in their once cosy flat could be cut with a knife.

Rugby lie detector tests

Ben reached out to us in desperation.  He loved Anna but knew that if things continued as they were their relationship was in crisis.  Prior to the pandemic, they trusted each other implicitly but not now. It made no sense to him that Anna had never accused him of sleeping with anyone else prior to lockdown. Yet here they were, not able to socialise and rarely allowed to leave their home, and the allegations were flying. It occurred to him that maybe Anna had been cheating and was perhaps gaslighting him.

In consultation with our West Midlands polygraph examiner, Ben booked a Couples lie detector test to try to save his relationship. The polygraph examinations were conducted at their home in Rugby.

Results and conclusion

No deception was found in either of the Rugby lie detector tests. Anna and Ben had never cheated on each other since the inception of their relationship 4 years ago.

The problem of suspecting partners of cheating during lockdown is by no means unique to our clients. Humans don’t function well when they are confined.  Suspicions and doubts can surface and with fewer things to occupy our minds, we often dwell on them.

What may have started out as a niggling worry can materialise into a full-blown fantasy that is so destructive something has to be done about it.

Ben chose the polygraph as a quick method to resolve their infidelity issues. The couple are now back to normal.

West Midlands Polygraph Service

Our polygraph examiners are available throughout the West Midlands to conduct lie detector tests for any issues relating to dishonesty.  For more information about the types of single and couples tests that we offer contact us via our website. Alternatively call our free helpline (07572 748364) confidentially to discuss your specific case with one of our friendly customer care representatives.