Rugby Lie Detector Test exposes cause of Pitbull Injury

When our client left his Pitbull in the care of a friend, he never imagined it would result in a Rugby lie detector test.

Julian’s Case

Jax, the pitbull, was the most important thing in Julian’s life apart from his Mother.  He’d had Jax from 6 weeks old and trained him well.  At 5 he was a truly magnificent animal and went everywhere with his master.

Unfortunately when Julian’s mum had a fall he couldn’t take Jax with him when he went to take care of her.  She lived in a flat and no animals were allowed.  He didn’t want to place Jax in kennels so he asked his friend Bryan if he could look after him for a couple of weeks.  Bryan had a Pitbull too and they went out on walks together so both dogs were familiar with each other.

Bryan agreed to stay in Julian’s house so that Jax wouldn’t need to leave his home.

Dogs fighting

Julian called Bryan every night to ask how Jax was and everything was fine during the first week he was away.

However, on the second week Bryan told him that Jax had a fight with his dog and he’d needed to take him to the vet.  There had been some damage to one of Jax’s thighs. The wound needed three stitches but everything was fine.

Julian was worried and couldn’t wait to get home.  His Mother was recovering well so five days into the second week he was able to leave her.

Going home

Julian didn’t let Bryan know that he was coming home early. Jax was whimpering in the kitchen when he arrived and Bryan was out. On closer inspection the wound on Jax’s thigh looked infected so Julian called his vet and arranged to take the dog to him immediately.

The vet cleaned and redressed the wound and gave Jax some antibiotics. Julian was alarmed when his vet told him that it wasn’t he who had put the stitches in the wound. Since he was the only local vet, it was a mystery as to where Bryan had taken the dog. To Julian’s vet, Jax’s behaviour had changed. The dog seemed nervous, timid and not himself. He asked whether Jax had ever been in a fight before. Julian said he hadn’t. The vet asked if Julian was sure he hadn’t been taken to an illegal dog fight.  Julian didn’t think so but he was concerned when his vet said the stitching wasn’t done professionally.

Rugby lie detector test

Bryan was in the house when Julian returned home. He said he had popped out to the shop for some milk.  Julian had worked himself up into a fury on the drive home and asked Bryan where he’d had Jax treated. Bryan said the fight happened in a park away from the area where he often took his dog for a walk.  He’d found a vet nearby because he thought the wound needed to be dealt with urgently.

Julian directly asked him if he’d taken Jax to an illegal dog fight which Bryan denied.  Since there was no official bill for Jax’s treatment, Julian contacted our Rugby lie detector test service for some advice.

This resulted in him booking a polygraph examination for Bryan. He had no problem in getting Bryan to agree to it after Julian threatened to go to the police if he didn’t agree.

Report and results

In the pre-test interview Bryan admitted to our West Midlands polygraph examiner, taking his dog and Jax to an illegal dog fight but only to watch. It had been outside the arena that Jax and his dog started to fight.  It hadn’t lasted long and he’d taken both dogs home immediately.

Julian was furious when he received the report.  It was hardly surprising that the dogs had fought within that environment. Whatever possessed him to do such a stupid, cruel thing?

Bryan and Julian are no longer friends.  Since he never told Julian where the fight happened he can’t report it.